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Dave Hutte wedding prop bets extravaganza

If you missed it yesterday, my good buddy Dave Hutte got engaged (to be married) over the weekend. When I got the voice mail telling me it had happened, I almost drove off the road because I was happy for/proud of him. But now that the initial shock has worn off, it’s time to have fun with this. Because if you can’t have fun with your friends, who can you have fun with?

Two disclaimers for today:

  1. The Dave Hutte wedding prop bet odds are for recreational purposes only. They are opening lines and are subject to change. I do not condone gambling.
  2. Dave Hutte and I are good friends. None of this is serious. As far as you know.

And that’s it! Now let’s do this!

Dave Hutte tuxedo color
Black (with cobra embroidered on back): -450
White: (EVEN)
Any other color: +200

Will Dave Hutte get nervous enough to pass out during the ceremony?
Yes: (EVEN)
No: -110

Passage read during ceremony
Colossians 3:12: -200
Ecclesiastes 4:9: -110
1 Corinthians 13:4: +150
What it Takes to Be No. 1” by Vince Lombardi: -500

Number of different kinds of cheese in nacho fountain at reception
Over/Under 2.5: Pick ’em

Caterer for reception
Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Dave Hutte’s go-to restaurant for first dates: -800
Everything else: (EVEN)

Song for husband/wife first dance as married couple:
Firehouse, “Love of a Lifetime”: -350
Any song by The Dave Hutte Experience: -200
Richard Marx, “Now and Forever”: +105
Hulk Hogan, “Real American”: +110

Will this happen at reception?
Yes: -850
No: +450

Will Dave Hutte sustain an injury while dancing at reception?
Yes: -250
No: +105

Distance (in feet) of garter toss, using Dave Hutte’s T-Rex arms:
Under 3.5: -250
Over 3.5: +200

Will this blog entry cause my groomsman invitation to be revoked?
Yes/No: (Pick ’em)

That wraps it up for the prop bets. Again, these are only jokes. So just relax.

Random thoughts:

  • TinCaps single-game tickets go on sale Tuesday, February 22.
  • As someone who cares about personal health, I can’t recommend the West Michigan Whitecaps’ Valentine’s Day gift idea. But I figured I’d pass the story along for laughs. TinCaps mascot Johnny is totally booked that day delivering gifts which are slightly healthier.
  • Contract negotiations generally make great athletes look bad/greedy, but Albert Pujols seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  • Good story about Emmett Ashford, the Jackie Robinson of umpires.
  • Ask BA discusses the thin crop of offensive-minded shortstops in the game. Isn’t it possible that we were just spoiled by the Ripken/Rodriguez/Garciaparra/Tejada days?
  • Big issues for the Rangers: All the position shifting has finally sent Michael Young over the edge. Even millionaires want to feel like they’re a valued member of their company (and not just monetarily). The Rangers have repeatedly brought in other people to essentially do his job, and after dealing with it several times he’s had enough. He supposedly has eight teams he’ll accept a trade with and the Twins seem like the best fit with the Cardinals second. His big contract is another trade obstacle. Meanwhile, the Rangers are trying to avoid arbitration with Josh Hamilton (they’ll probably end up getting a bargain).
  • Peter Gammons wrote something about the NL East. Lots of good young players there.
  • The team from Mexico won the Caribbean Series. Padres SS Everth Cabrera played for the Mexican team; former MWLer Alexis Espinoza played for the Venezuelan team.
  • Reds closer Francisco Cordero’s agent’s name is Bean Stringfellow.
  • What parts of the US produce the most MLB players?
  • Equipment trucks are leaving MLB parks, headed to spring training.
  • When they said the Dodgers would wear throwback uniforms, I wondered how far you could throw back one of the most classic unis in the game. Apparently they’re going all the way back to the Brooklyn look.
  • Fantasy baseball is coming soon. Oh baby.
  • So you’re telling me the two best-received Super Bowl commercials featured dogs as main characters? Color me unsurprised.
  • Watched a documentary about Ronald Reagan on HBO last night. It was excellent. Yes, I’m 26 years old and watching documentaries about ex-presidents during my free time. How am I still single?

Musical guest… Kenny Rogers!

Take care!