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Shameless non-self-promotion

Maybe you saw this, maybe you didn’t: If there’s a woman who enjoys your company for more than five minutes (or you’re trying to get to that point) and you want to do something nice for her this Valentine’s Day, try letting TinCaps mascot Johnny deliver a gift pack. Think of this as a classier version of the giant gorilla candygram.

If you want to order, get Abby Naas on the horn at (260) 482-6400 or e-mail her. She already has at least four deliveries booked, so get ahold of her soon. Operators are standing by.

Meanwhile, I’ll be assembling a team of sled dogs to prepare for the Snowpocalypse. That’s weird… another example of dogs being better than cats.

Random thoughts:

  • Coming soon to A short franchise history. We’ll see how this turns out.
  • Ask BA says this year’s draft is especially deep and the South Atlantic League will be loaded to open the season.
  • Peter Gammons says former MWLer Neftali Feliz could be more valuable as a starter than as a closer. He’s right, but the Rangers just traded Frank Francisco, so it seems less likely they’ll make the switch this year.
  • did an interview with Brandon Belt, who went bonkers in the Giants’ minor league system last year.
  • Here’s a Top 10 prospects list for the Rockies. If you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Believe it or not, Freddy Garcia might not be bad as the Yankees’ fifth starter. The issue for him, as always, is staying healthy. He made 28 starts last year for the White Sox. Still, that rotation is the baseball equivalent of the “exhaust-pipe-strapped-to-the-bottom-of-the-car-by-a-clothes-hanger” method of auto maintenance.
  • The Reds made the playoffs with a young, exciting team and still finished 20th in baseball in attendance last year? At one of the best parks in the league? Reds fans are this close to losing their “great fan base” title.
  • I went to Ada, Ohio, several times to broadcast games in college and never knew the footballs for the Super Bowl are made there.
  • Between Super Bowl Media Day, college football signing day and Death by Snow 2011, I can’t think of three more “ehh”-worthy events happening almost simultaneously.
  • Spring training games start later this month. And there’s nothing “ehh” about that.

Musical guest… R.E.M.!

Stay safe out there!