Anthropomorphic Adventures

A quick recap of last night’s game:

-The TinCaps led, 8-3, going into the bottom of the seventh inning

-Fort Wayne’s bullpen surrendered seven runs in the bottom of the seventh

-The final score: Loons 11, TinCaps 8

Not a banner night for the bullpen, but hopefully the ‘pen won’t be too taxed tonight with Yimmi Brasoban scheduled to start and Payton Baskette set to piggyback his outing. First pitch is at 6:05, and I’ll have radio coverage starting at 5:45 on The Fan 1380 and


Yesterday I talked with TinCaps starting pitcher Walker Weickel about his Monday outing, working against the league’s top stolen-base team, and what advice he’d give to himself from a year ago:


Somewhere around the second or third inning of yesterday’s TinCaps-Loons game, I was greeted by an anthropomorphic visitor in the radio booth at Dow Diamond. That visitor was Lou E. Loon, one of the two Great Lakes mascots:



Apparently he hadn’t been fed that day, because he tried to eat me while I was on the air. I’m not sure what Loons eat, but he wouldn’t have found much if he’d cracked my skull open…


Big news around the world of Twitter and the New York Mets lately has been that pitcher Matt Harvey, who is out for the year after undergoing Tommy John surgery, posted a picture of himself in his hospital bed prior to surgery flashing the middle finger, and then after being asked by the Mets to remove the picture, deleted his entire Twitter account. If you want to see the picture, you can click here.

Here’s an account of the tweet from the New York Daily News:

“I’m not going to apologize for being myself and having a good laugh (in) a funny little picture,” Harvey said. “When you can’t really have fun anymore on a social media account, I think it comes time to get rid of it. I’ll have my fun with my friends and teammates, who do know me for who I am.”

He then made another sharp point: “I honestly didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. You listen to the radio and you hear a lot of rap music and things that are a lot worse than what I was showing — genuine excitement and a little bit of laughter toward a picture.”

The only semi-rational argument against Harvey’s tweet had something to do with kids following his account. But when you think about it for another moment, you realize that “somebody, please think of the children” does not work here. If you are a parent, and your kid saw the tweet — please, get your kid the hell off Twitter. Don’t you want his/her brain to develop properly?’

Well, I definitely laughed at the third paragraph. Twitter is no place for kids–or keeping your sanity. It’s a lot of mindless drivel.

As for whether Harvey should have sent out the Tweet…probably not. Does he have the freedom to do that? Sure. However, there’s a certain responsibility that comes along with being a public figure, and even then there are different rules for different public figures. There are different rules if you’re Lady Gaga, if you’re a politician, and if you’re Matt Harvey. Should we be offended by Harvey? No, there are much worse things to waste our time on being angry on. Should he have tweeted it? Again, probably not.


Here’s one just for fun….nine years ago today the first video was uploaded to YouTube.


Coldplay…take it away!

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