One for the Road, Morning Edition, Hitting the Links

After the TinCaps totaled one run in the first two games of their series at Bowling Green, Fort Wayne had something of a coming out party Monday morning/afternoon. At least three TinCaps did.

Second baseman Maxx Tissenbaum equaled his RBI production from the first 25 days of August with a three-hit, four-RBI game. (Note: He did spend 11 days on the disabled list this month.) Gabriel Quintana and Hunter Renfroe each had two hits, with ‘Q’ blasting a two-run homer and ‘Fro’ ripping an RBI double.

So Jose Valentin’s team left the Commonwealth of Kentucky with a win to salvage the sevenish-hour ride there and making the sevenish-hour ride back more pleasant.

Happy 21st birthday to TinCaps reliever Trevor Gott. Pitching in his home state Monday, the Lexington native and UK alum fired a scoreless eighth and threw as hard as we’ve seen any TinCaps hurler throw all summer.


Monday’s game started at 10:35 a.m. locally in Bowling Green, making it the TinCaps’ earliest game of the season. (The early start was a favor for Fort Wayne’s travel and also a day for school field trips, which made it bigger than a Monday night crowd at Bowling Green Ballpark.)

Matthew Shepherd shares with us how such an early game affects the team’s preparation. He also opens up about his transitions this season from the bullpen to the starting rotation and most recently, back to the bullpen.

Speaking of the morning, CNBC media and entertainment correspondent Julia Boorstin writes here about why she wakes up early (like 4:30 a.m.) and three reasons you should, too.

And no matter when you wake up, Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes suggests you do these 16 things at the start of every work day.

Personally, I’ve never considered myself a “morning person.” I’d say I’m more wired to be up late, and it’s often a struggle for me to get up at the buzz of the first alarm. Last week was an exception, though. On the road at Great Lakes, Loons broadcasters Brad Golder and Jared Sandler are early risers who a few days a week start their day playing basketball and working out at the Midland Community Center. They invited Mike and me to join their pickup games Monday and Tuesday. The chance to play ball is one of the few things that can motivate me to get up before 6:00. Not only was it nice to start those days with exercise, but it was refreshing to then have a “head start” on the day.

Two sidenotes to that:

(1) If you’ve ever played pickup basketball, I dare you to watch the video below and not laugh.

(2) Saturday night I left my phone on the bus after the game, which meant I needed to use the hotel room’s alarm clock to make sure I was up on time for Sunday morning’s bus. Maybe this is a millennial thing, but it’s been years since I actually used an alarm clock. Pretty much ever since I got a cell phone, I’ve used that as my alarm. It sounds silly, but it felt quite unnatural to go to bed without my phone by my side.


* Good to read in the New York Times that the Negro League Museum is thriving again after it nearly was shut down.

* Fort Wayne’s own, Eric Wedge — manager of the Seattle Mariners — is back in the dugout after a health scare. The 45-year-old Wedge suffered a stroke in July and tells ESPN how he’s had to make sure to take better care of himself and be less consumed by managing. Wedge’s story is one that applies to all — whether you’re job is being an MLB manager or a manager at Small Business X. If those articles above about getting up early have you inspired, just make sure you’re going to bed earlier, too, because our bodies can only handle so much.

* Yesterday we talked about how Mallex Smith had the misfortune of breaking his brand new Louisville Slugger bat. Turns out, broken bats had become something of an epidemic in Major League Baseball recently. NPR’s All Things Considered reported earlier this month on how baseball has alleviated its broken bat problem.

* With college football season starting in just a few days, Louisville is ranked in the Top 10. The Cardinals are coming off an athletic season that saw the men’s basketball team win the national championship, the women’s hoops squad finish national runners up, the baseball team reach the College World Series, and the football team go 11-2 and beat Florida for the Sugar Bowl. (Necessary Note: 1 of those 2 losses came in the Carrier Dome to Syracuse, which thumped the ‘ville 45-26). Those accolades are just off the top of my head. I know Louisville’s soccer team recently made the Final Four as well, and softball has had a winning program. You get the picture. Their athletics program is at an all-time high. The New York Times examines how the university’s willingness to play weekday games on ESPN and subsequent relationship with the WWL is largely to credit for its rise.


John Legend, covering Bruce Springsteen, take it away!

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