TinCaps Win Again, Gaining Momentum Before Playoffs? Lots of Links

In half the time as it took to beat South Bend on Wednesday night in 16 innings, Fort Wayne proved victorious against South Bend, 5-2, in 2 hours, 30 minutes Thursday.  Starter Joe Ross was great, and he finally got some offensive support, too.

So tonight, the TinCaps go for this:


Believe it or not, the TinCaps haven’t swept the Silver Hawks at Parkview Field since 2009. And here’s a fun fact for ya: 3 of the 4 winning pitchers in that four-game sweep for Fort Wayne have gone on to pitch in the Majors. They are: Simon Castro, Erik Davis, and Anthony Bass.


One could make the case now that with wins in five of their last six games, the TinCaps have as much momentum now as they’ve had since winning 15 of 16 during May and June. But Grantland’s Bill Barnwell is not one who would. Barnwell uses statistical evidence to support his theory that there is no such thing as momentum in sports. He cites examples to disprove the notion that a team can gain momentum during a game, or over a stretch of time (i.e. end of the regular season, heading into the playoffs).

Just a week ago, the TinCaps would’ve been right on with the idea that there’s no such thing as Uncle Mo. But, after winning a few ballgames now, don’t tell that to the Fort Wayne clubhouse.

Who remembers Mo from GUTS on Nickelodeon in the 90s? *Mike O’Malley Voice* “Let’s go to Mo for the scores…”


* Sports Illustrated’s Jay Jaffe gives some perspective on Ichiro’s 4,000 career hits. There’s a line in here from Ichiro (on whether he’ll keep playing until he reaches 3,000 MLB hits) that I think is useful for all to consider in life: “What happens today determines what happens tomorrow, meaning I’ve got to perform today in order to be in the lineup the next day. I don’t make goals that are so far away. What I do is do what I can every single day and build off that and see where that takes me.”

* Hip-hip-hooray! Vin Scully says he’s returning in 2014 for his 65th year behind the mic for the Dodgers.

* According to the Wall Street Journal, former Fort Wayne Wizard & TinCap, Mat Latos, throws the most difficult pitch in the majors to hit a home run off.

* Phil Roth provides an extensive and interactive look at payroll numbers for each major league team from 1998 on.  Very cool.

* And from the Just-For-The-Heck-Of-It-Department: Here’s a Grantland story about a town in Nebraska that has one singular resident.


As we’ve talked about here before, tonight’s theme at Parkview Field is “It’s All About You!” So 2pac, take it away…

Thanks as always for reading. Feel free to be in touch on Twitter @John_G_Nolan or by email: nolan@tincaps.com.

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