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Tonight at 7:05 the TinCaps take on the Silver Hawks for the 14th time this season, and Fort Wayne is looking for its first victory of the season in South Bend.

The scene upon arrival at Coveleski Stadium today.

The scene upon arrival at Coveleski Stadium today.

It was a little bit rainy as we rumbled into South Bend this afternoon, with the skies opening up and turning grey, but the forecast looks good for tonight’s action.

The TinCaps, believe it or not, haven’t picked up a win in South Bend since August 1st of last year. The Silver Hawks have taken 11 of the 13 matchups between the two teams this year. The pressure will be on Matthew Shepherd to try and continue a streak of red-hot pitching that has shown up over the last four days from TinCaps starters. Between Joe Ross, Walker Weickel, Zach Eflin and Max Fried, there have only been three runs allowed by starters in the last four games, spanning 23 innings.

Max Fried will be tonight’s pre-game guest when our radio coverage gets underway tonight at 6:45 on The Fan 1380 and I’ll be joined by Mike Maahs for the next three games, and I hope you can join us.


To hear post-game thoughts from Jose Valentin after yesterday’s 3-1 win over Lansing, listen to today’s TinCaps Report Podcast:


A few roster moves throughout the Padres farm system today:

-Outfielder Donavan Tate, who played with the TinCaps in 2011 and 2012, played his last game September 7, 2012. Today he’s been assigned to short-season Eugene, and will try and re-vamp his baseball career after some off the field issues.  

-Pitcher Keyvius Sampson, who tore up the Midwest League in 2011, has been promoted to Triple-A Tucson.

Oh, and you might be interested in this one, too (via a tweet from the Eugene Emeralds):

Time for a fond farewell – Hunter Renfroe is prepared to be promoted on Sat. to @TinCaps. Only two more games to see him in action! #HailEms

Well, then. Hmmm. This means the TinCaps will be getting a new outfielder soon. Renfroe, as you might know from reading this blog, was the first pick by San Diego in this year’s draft.


I awoke yesterday in Los Angeles around 3AM PT to make my way back to Parkview Field. Throughout the course of my day, I flew from Los Angeles, to Dallas, to Chicago and then, finally, to Fort Wayne. I was a little surprised to find that security at LAX was pretty easy, included very little hassle and had a small line, which was nice. Granted, with as many people fly through that airport, they’ve got lots of checkpoints.

But for airports that funnel everyone through one security checkpoint, the security process can be slow:

“Ladies and gentlemen, remove your belts, shoes, and overgarments. But if you’re over 75 or under 12, these rules don’t apply to you. Do you have any gels, liquids or aerosols? Are all of your papers and loose change out of your pockets? EVERYTHING must come out of your pockets. Please hold your hands over your head. Wait here, sir. Please come with me sir. Please take that tissue out of your pocket and go through the scanner again. Is this your bag, sir? We’re going to need to run that through again.”

The New York Times editorial board has weighed in on this topic rather sensibly:

The former head of the T.S.A., Kip Hawley, has argued that the agency should allow passengers to carry on all liquids, in any quantity. As a safeguard against explosives, passengers would simply have to put their liters of Evian in gray bins and pass them through scanners. Mr. Hawley sees reasons for keeping footwear checks, but those, too, are of questionable value. Passengers do not remove their shoes in the European Union, or even in Israel, one of the world’s most security-conscious countries, with a famously stringent screening process.

It is time to stop pretending that annoying protocols like these are all that stand between us and devastation. The most effective security innovation post-9/11 was also the simplest: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, which has made it virtually impossible to hijack an aircraft.

My best defense at this point is just wearing slip-on shoes and basketball warm-up pants that don’t require a belt (for both comfort and convenience) while traveling by plane.


Becky G…take it away!

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