Renfroe’s Ruh-Roh, TinCaps in the News, Mumford & Comedians

The Padres’ first-round selection in June’s draft, Hunter Renfroe, could be coming to Fort Wayne soon. The 13th overall pick out of Mississippi State plays tonight in the Northwest League’s All-Star Game in Everett, Washington. Renfroe hit .302 in 23 first-half games in the Northwest League for Eugene. The outfielder drove in 16 runs on four home runs. But it should’ve been five.

We go back to Sunday night with Eugene playing at Tri-City in Pasco, Washington. Renfroe’s batting in the top of the fourth inning with Anthony Torres at first base and no one out. The right-handed batter launched a line-drive over the wall in left field. Only instead of a home run it was a single.

Renfroe led the Bulldogs to the College World Series Finals in June.

We turn to the’s story for quotes from Renfroe himself on the bizarre play for an explanation:

“When I hit the ball, I thought it was a no-doubter, but when [Torres] saw the trajectory, he started sprinting back to first base,” Renfroe said. “I was just trying to get a double out of it and I was running hard and I had too much speed built up.

“Suddenly, I thought, ‘Holy [cow], where’s Torres?’ I saw that I’d gone by him and I said, ‘Hurry up, get in front of me real fast,’ but it was too late. It kind of [stinks], but it happened.”

“It’s irritating, yeah, but I hit the ball hard all night,” the Mississippi State product said. “I’ve swung the bat well all week, I just didn’t have anything falling for me. But I did my job. I was hitting the ball hard and the team won. You can’t ask for anything better than that.”

Mike Bonner (a fellow ‘Cuse alum) of The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi, points us to the right page in baseball’s rule book:

Official Rules: 7.00 The Runner

Any runner is out when —

(h) He passes a preceding runner before such runner is out

I’ve never witnessed such a play when the ball was hit over(!) the fence. The only thing it reminds me of is when Robin Ventura hit a grand slam for the Mets to win Game 6 of the 1999 NLCS that only counted for a single because his teammates mobbed him between first and second base.

Ventura didn’t matter as a base-runner so it was inconsequential.  I was always felt bad for him, though, that he never got to make that euphoric trot around the bases.


Check out some recent articles about 2013 TinCaps:

* Earlier this year, Mike wrote in this space about hitting coach Morgan Burkhart’s background in construction and independent league ball before cracking into the majors with the Red Sox and Royals. Josh Chapin of the Palladium-Item caught up with Morgan recently for an even more extensive look back at Morgan’s heyday in Richmond. Some really great anecdotes in there about the “Babe Ruth of the Frontier League.”

* Trevor Gott was featured in his hometown Lexington Herald-Leader by Tom Hurley.

* After Zach Eflin’s dominating outing last night against Lansing, talked to Zach about his recent success. Interesting quote in there by Zach, who said, “Early in the season, I felt like I didn’t really deserve to be in low A. I felt like an older guy deserved my spot, but now I feel like I fit in. I’m a lot more confident with my pitches, throwing a lot more strikes, pitching low and pitching to contact. It’s all starting to come together.”

You can also catch my post-game conversation with Zach and a full video recap below:


Totally unrelated to anything we’ve been talking about here, have you seen the new Mumford & Sons music video? Actually, there is a TinCaps tie-in. Our broadcast partner Mike Maahs is a big fan of the band of the English folk band. Anyway, Mumford & Sons’ new music video for “Hopeless Wanderer” is hilarious in that they have comedians Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte spoof them. Enjoy!


More music. Tonight’s game features the “Intern Olympics” for between-inning fun. So John Williams…. Take. It. Away…

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