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Hey, didn’t the TinCaps just play the Captains? Yesterday? In Fort Wayne? Why, yes, yes they did. Due to a quirk in Midwest League scheduling this year, the two teams meet for two days here in Eastlake, Ohio, at Classic Park.

It's not called Classic Park because the ladies wear bonnets and the men wear suits to games. It's just a local auto dealer.

It’s not called Classic Park because the ladies wear bonnets and the men wear suits to games. It’s just a local auto dealer.

Fort Wayne snapped a five-game slide yesterday with a 4-3 win over the Captains at Parkview Field. Even then, TinCaps manager Jose Valentin wasn’t particularly pleased with his team’s play. After falling behind, 3-0, through six and one-half innings, Fort Wayne scored four times in the bottom of the seventh, securing all they’d need to pick up the win.

“I don’t think they responded,” Manager Jose Valentin told The Journal Gazette.. “It’s just a situation where, yeah we won, but it was just one good inning. All game, we just kept swinging and swinging until something happened.”

While swinging and swinging until something happens doesn’t sound bad, it also doesn’t entail having a plan at the plate, which is what bothers Valentin. His main issue with his team’s hitters is that players will face the same pitcher two or three times in a game, but not make adjustments against that pitcher as the game goes on.

“Why they keep (making the same mistakes), I don’t know. It’s not about me. It’s not about the hitting coach,” Valentin said. “They’ve been told about it. It doesn’t matter what type of hitting coach they have. When it’s time to do it, they have to do it.”

Tonight the TinCaps see Dylan Baker, who was born in Juneau, Alaska, (fun note: only 11 players born in Alaska have made the majors). We’ll try and find out if, indeed, one can see Russia from Alaska.

Also, the last time Fort Wayne saw Baker, he worked a season-best eight innings and limited the TinCaps to just two hits. However, his last outing saw him go just 1 2/3 innings and give up six runs. So, we’ll just have to wait and see which Baker shows up tonight.


Due to a busy travel schedule, this is my first road trip with the TinCaps where I’ve ridden the bus in nearly a month. The team visited the Western Division, and I was out of town, and then they went up to Great Lakes and Dayton, two trips where I drove my own car. Today, I got on the bus with a sandwich from Kroger, and upon me taking it out of the grocery bag,  TinCaps strength and conditioning coach Pat Trainor said it looked like I was eating a “Scooby Doo” sandwich. In other words, it looked like I was eating a feast. Thanks to his picture stitching skills, here’s what he meant:


That said, it was a delicious sandwich, and I enjoyed every bite of it.


I just finished “reading” George Carlin’s Last Words, his autobiography, published in 2009. (I actually listened to it on CD as I was driving last week and then finished the rest digitally) I’ve always enjoyed Carlin’s work, as he makes you think, really think, and also laugh quite a good bit, too. As he got to the final chapters of the book and started to talk about his really introspective path in his later years, which helped him develop some of his best material. What he revealed there is that, among other things, he not only enjoyed getting laughs, which was part of his job, but he also enjoyed the parts of his shows where no one laughed, because they were too busy thinking. “Pleasure in sheer ideas,” he said.

The book is narrated by Carlin’s brother, Patrick, who sounds just like George, which adds a lot to the book.

“No one is ever more him or herself then when they’re laughing,” George wrote. “They are completely open, completely themselves.” That’s why he liked making them laugh so much, because he could help put an idea into their head which they might have never considered before.

He enjoyed the ability, “to be able to say, stop in your tracks and consider this,” and actually get people to do it.

Carlin was a really smart guy. Troubled with drugs and alcohol, but smart.

Also, the next time you want to get a point across to someone, make them laugh first.


To hear Jose Valentin’s full post-game comments, listen to today’s TinCaps Report Podcast:


Wale…take it away!

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