Slopp-E Play, Delabar Wins, The Babe’s Anniversary, and Free Slurpees

Editor’s Note: Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Mike Couzens isn’t lactose intolerant and he isn’t milking his vacation days. He just couldn’t make the trip to Wisconsin. So once again, it’s the Lenny Harris of It’s All Relative, John Nolan.  

Fort Wayne led on three separate occasions Wednesday night in Wisconsin but it didn’t translate to a win, as the TinCaps lost to the “T-Rats” (that’s what the “hip” locals call their club, apparently), 8-6. Two errors led to three unearned runs in the second for Wisconsin and a wild pitch plated the go-ahead run in the seventh. Veteran pitching coach Burt Hooton said afterward that that’s what he had been expecting to see more often in Class-A games, in this his first season at the level after coaching in Double-A, Triple-A, and the majors.


First, a friendly reminder that our Game Notes are now available for public viewing. Find today’s notes here. And if you read through them, you can gleam “nuggets” like this:

The TinCaps have allowed the second highest percentage of unearned runs in the 16-team Midwest League. Of the 401 runs allowed by the TinCaps this season, 86 have been unearned. That’s 21%. Only Lansing (23%) has allowed a higher percentage of unearned runs. The league average is 17%.


We talked to shortstop Tyler Stubblefield before yesterday’s game about his memories from the 2012 Midwest League Championship Series here in Appleton, as well as his recent hot hitting and what it was like to have Padres All-Star shortstop Everth Cabrera rehabbing with the TinCaps last week. Take a listen below.


Big congrats to former Wizard Steve Delabar who is now officially an American League All-Star! Delabar won the fan’s “Final Vote.” What’s more impressive, Delabar’s numbers in this first half (third in strikeouts, 57, and fifth in ERA, 1.74, among AL relievers) or that he beat out a Yankee and a Red Sock in the process. Those clubs have a fan or two. Say what you will about our friends to the north but when it comes to the Final Vote, Canada > Yankees Universe > Red Sox Nation.

With Delabar now on the roster for next Tuesday at Citi Field, three former Fort Wayne players will be representin’. Delabar joins Torii Hunter (Tigers) and Michael Cuddyer (Rockies). Again, congrats to all!



On this day in 1914 — 99 years ago — George Herman Ruth made his MLB debut with the Boston Red Sox. Babe threw seven strong to lead Boston to a 4-3 win over the Cleveland Indians. He then ate 99 hot dogs.



Something I’m sure the Babe would’ve appreciated had it been around in his day: free Slurpees at 7-Eleven! That’s right. Today, 7/11, is that magical day on the calendar once a year for those who love their flavored drinks frozen. Hope you took advantage.

In filling out the report card for living in Fort Wayne versus growing up where I did in New Jersey, I have to give the edge to home on this one. In NJ, we have 7-Elevens all over the place. But in Fort Wayne, the closest one, according to a search on 7-Eleven’s store locator, is about 46 miles away from Parkview Field in Osceola. Here in Wisconsin — only one within 78 miles of Appleton. So I hope someone out there was able to snag a second Slurpee to enjoy for me!


Passenger, take it away…

Thanks as always for reading. Feel free to be in touch on Twitter @John_G_Nolan or by email: Hope you can catch tonight’s game on The Fan 1380 or Coverage starts at 7:45 EST.

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