Streak is Over, Top Scout, Seinfeld and Stern

The TinCaps snapped their five-game losing streak Thursday night with an 8-1 victory over the Lansing Lugnuts. A five-run seventh inning, Fort Wayne’s best inning of the year in terms of run production, helped them run away with the victory. That’s now five straight games started by Zach Eflin that the TinCaps have won. Luis Domoromo snapped a 1-22 start to his second tour of duty with Fort Wayne by going 3-for-4 and hitting not one but two triples in that fifth inning.

Unfortunately, the win also came with a price tag, as Alberth Martinez was hit in the face by a pitch in the third inning, and fractured several bones on the left side of his face. He’ll be out several weeks with that injury. The pitch that injured him was an up-and-in fastball that nicked the flap of his helmet and then grazed off his face, but was enough to do some damage. He left the field with a towel covering his face, due to a nosebleed caused by the impact of the ball. He was in the clubhouse today, sporting a black eye, but otherwise in good spirits. Certainly good to see him laughing after what was a scary incident yesterday.

By the way, it’s raining right now in Lansing, and the visitor’s dugout hasn’t handled that so well:

Luis Domoromo went on an expedition to retrieve his stuff.

Luis Domoromo went on an expedition to retrieve his stuff.

Hopefully things clear up by gametime. It’s a 7:05 first pitch tonight on The Fan 1380 and TinCaps pitcher Matt Shepherd will be my guest.


Prior to Thursday’s game, I talked with Padres Director of Scouting Billy Gasparino, who was named to that position this past September. He gave me great insight into his career (he’s a former stockbroker), what it’s like trying to whittle down the entire field of  draftable players to the ones he wants to choose, and how the spread of information has changed scouting:


This interview of Jerry Seinfeld by Howard Stern captivated me last night (and this morning, since I fell asleep listening to it).

The most interesting part from Seinfeld was when he said, “I’m never not working on material. Ever. Every second of my existence I’m thinking, “Could I do something with that?”

Stern recalls a joke Seinfeld made long ago about chopsticks, and asked him if he could ever go to a Chinese restaurant and not try to be thinking about material.  Seinfeld said, “What fun is life if I’m not making jokes all the time?”

I’ve said before that if I weren’t a broadcaster, I think it would be a lot of fun to try and be a stand-up comic (minus the part that it’s really hard and I’m definitely not as funny as I think I am). But I think there is a parallel between what Seinfeld says and broadcasting, in that everything you see and do during the day can be turned into material, whether for a joke or for a broadcast to make something into an anecdote someone can relate to.

If you like Jerry Seinfeld, this interview is a good window into his process.


U2…take it away!

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