Five Down, Rea Returns, Team Themes

On Wedensday the TinCaps lost, 7-5, against Lansing, having tied the game in the top of the eighth on an Alberth Martinez two-run homer, only to see that lead wilt in the bottom of the eighth as the Lugnuts scored two more against Colin Rea. Fort Wayne has now lost five straight, and is in danger of losing six straight games for the first time since 2011.

Cooley Law School Stadium

Cooley Law School Stadium

Tonight Zach Eflin takes the hill for the TinCaps, with first pitch set for 7:05. I’ll have the call on The Fan 1380 and


I catch up with Colin Rea, who just re-joined the TinCaps after a demotion from Advanced-A Lake Elsinore. Rea talks about his continuing fastball command, the difference between Advanced-A and Low-A, and which league has better travel:


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share this song this year. Ladies and gentlemen, the Lansing Lugnuts’ theme song:

Here are the lyrics, for your karaoke pleasure:

You got inhibitions

Lose ’em!

You got vocal cords

Use ’em!

You got the rhythm

You got the beat

You gotta clap your hands

You gotta stomp your feet

You gotta

Go Nuts, Go Nuts, Go Nuts, Go Nuts

Lugnuts, Lugnuts, Lugnuts, Lugnuts

Go Nuts


There is a second verse, but I think my brain might leak out through my ears if I keep typing these lyrics. The sad part is, though, I have found myself singing along to this song as the season has gone on. It not only plays before the game, but it also plays when the Lugnuts win, which they last night against Fort Wayne.

They’re not the only team with a theme song, however. The Great Lakes Loons have one, too (skip ahead to the 34-second mark:

“Full count, bases loaded, cheering crowd

The ball takes off the Loons will make us proud

Very fun, big smiles, Michigan pride

Hold on tight, we’ll take it for a ride

Keep your eye on the ball

Get ready you’ll hear our call

Dive in!

To the game when the pitcher takes the mound

Dive in!

To the plays to the sight and sound

Dive in!

We’re gonna make Dow Diamond shine

Dive in!

It’s Loons baseball time!”

The Loons song is definitely my favorite of the two, because it’s much catchier and modern sounding.

Anyone up for writing a TinCaps theme song? I think we should put John Nolan on the case…


A lot of the time when you go on the road in Minor League Baseball, you can feel a bit isolated. Alone in the hotel room, alone in the broadcast booth, “table for one, please”, you get the picture. That’s why it was so nice yesterday to get a visit from Matt Friedman, who like me, is a graduate of Syracuse University, and works in public relations just outside of Detroit.

Let this demonstrate the power of social media. Matt and I had met on fleeting occasions during my time in college at the alumni events for our campus radio station, WJPZ. Since then, though, we’ve talked a lot more on Twitter than we have in person. But, I saw Matt this past winter at our station’s alumni banquet, and we made initial plans to hang out at a game this summer. (By the way, Matt is a great news/PR/sports follow on Twitter: @MattFrieds.)

In the visiting radio booth with my friend, Matt Friedman.

In the visiting radio booth with my friend, Matt Friedman.

Thanks to Matt, and his business partner, Don Tanner, who took this great picture, for coming out to Lansing. Great to see you!


La Roux…take it away!

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