24K in Three Days, Ross 2.0, Triple-A Naming Frenzy

Other than that the TinCaps had five hits, one of which was a Chris Burke home run (his first with the team), there’s not much to re-visit from last night’s 9-1 loss to South Bend. The Silver Hawks continued their dominance over Fort Wayne, and have won eight of the nine games the two teams have played this season.

Much credit is due to TinCaps fans, however, who have absolutely packed Parkview Field over the last three nights:

Thursday: 8, 643 (stadium record)

Friday: 7,911

Saturday: 7,705

Three-day total: 24, 259 fans

Three-day average: 8,086 fans

Well-done, everyone. It’s made the broadcasts, even in a 9-1 loss, much more enjoyable, because with the large crowd and the buzz going around the park (last night there were several “Let’s Go TinCaps” chants) it felt like a big-league atmosphere.

Tonight is a rare 5:05 start for a Sunday game, and the TinCaps will open a three-game series against the West Michigan Whitecaps. Last these two teams met, Fort Wayne earned a split of a four-game series with the Whitecaps.

You can see the game on XFINITY 81 and hear the action on The Fan 1380 and TheFanFortWayne.com.


In case you missed it, I published a story yesterday on the strong 2013 campaign Joe Ross is having, after being injured for a good portion of 2012. I talked to Joe, his brother, Tyson, who pitches for the Padres, and San Diego’s Minor League Pitching Coordinator, Mike Cather. All gave good insight into what’s been so different for Joe this season. There are some good nuggets from Tyson as to how he gets to keep track of Joe’s progress, and you’ll get a great analogy from Cather as to how learning in baseball can be similar to preparing food for a BBQ.

Here’s the story: http://tincaps.mlblogs.com/2013/06/22/joe-ross-version-2-0/


Mike Maahs chats with the Padres Vice President of Player Development/International Scouting, Randy Smith:


Next year El Paso, Texas, will be the new home to the Padres Triple-A ballclub, and that team has to be named. As was the case when the Wizards became the TinCaps for the 2009 season, the franchise down in Texas has decided to using a naming contest to let the fans decide what the new name will be:




Desert Gators

Sun Dogs

This is now the second time in as many years that a Triple-A team has had its name up for a vote, as the now Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders could have also been:


Black Diamond Bears



Trolley Frogs

There’s no question that Trolley Frogs is the best name from among that quintet, so I have little faith in the people to pick the most absurd name and force the team to use that for years to come. I’m going to make two votes here, one for absurdity’s sake and the other being the one I’d actually like to the team to go with. My absurd vote is the Aardvarks. Perhaps solely because of the children’s television show Arthur, which features an anthropomorphic aardvark with an affinity for reading:

Send me to El Paso!

Send me to El Paso!

The Sun Dogs doesn’t really climb all too high on the absurdity scale, and the Arizona Fall League already has a team named the Desert Dogs. Desert Gators doesn’t do it for me either, as there was once a Texas League team named the Golden Gators, which were located in Beaumont, Texas. (Side note: Randy Smith once worked for the Beaumont Golden Gators.) Their logo doesn’t appear to exist anywhere on the internet, except for on this beer cup:


Chihuahuas would be somewhat novel, if only Taco Bell hadn’t made the diminutive dog jump the shark years ago through its marketing :


Having eliminated all other options, I choose the Buckaroos. It’s got a cowboy theme, it rolls off the tongue easily, and for the purposes of Minor League Baseball, the word “buck” can be easily tied into any type of dollar-night promotion you could ask for.

Your thoughts?


Mariah Carey…take it away!

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me at Couzens@TinCaps.com or on Twitter @MikeCouzens


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