Winning in Extras (Again), Stubby Talks Release

For a second straight night to open the second half, the TinCaps didn’t provide much pop on the offensive side of things.  In a 2-1 win over South Bend Friday night in 11 innings, Fort Wayne had only three opportunities with runners in scoring position through the first 11 frames, and then in the 12th Diego Goris delivered the winner–an RBI double down the right-field line–with Alberth Martinez standing on second base.

It was somewhat of a cathartic win for the TinCaps, who were winless in seven prior tries against South Bend. The TinCaps had lost four one-run games against the Silver Hawks, and lost one game in the series by just two runs. Thursday night saw the TinCaps lose, 2-1, and only pick up two base hits. Friday’s contest provided a little more offense (7 hits) and fantastic pitching.

Zach Eflin threw 91 pitches and had good command of the strike zone, and Matthew Shepherd, Leonel Campos, Roman Madrid and Chris Nunn combined for six more scoreless innings, holding South Bend to just two hits in the final six frames.

“As a bullpen, we got a good atmosphere down there. We know that’s our job – to come in and keep the game where it’s at,” Shepherd told The Journal Gazette.  “I think we did a great job.”

I said in maybe the 10th or 11th inning, to my broadcast parner, Kent Hormann, that something had to give. The TinCaps were a perfect 5-0 in extra innings and 0-7 against South Bend. Fortunately, it was the former that ended up staying perfect.


In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, John Nolan chats with the recently re-acquired Tyler Stubblefield. The infielder was released by the Padres at the end of spring training, and just re-signed to a minor league contract this week. Listen in as Stubblefield talks about the process of being released, playing in independent baseball and then returning to his favorite Minor League Baseball city, Fort Wayne:


This next item was passed along to me by Kristen Kirchhaine, who is the chief meteorologist at WFFT-TV here in Fort Wayne. Kristen tells the story of Devon, a local 14-year-old, who loves baseball and is looking for a big brother. He says he’s never been to a baseball game before, and would really enjoy having a big brother to play catch with.

If you can help Devon, or are interested in being his big brother, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 260-456-1600.

To see the full story, click here:


As I got home last night, I saw that I had a new question in the (tw)inbox, and it was from @drkensf:

@MikeCouzens Future IAR readers want to know: how fast can you get from the press box to field level for the post-game interview?

My short (and tongue-in-cheek) answer I gave last night was that it depends on how much I’ve had to eat for dinner. Some days, it’s a lot. Yesterday I had two pieces of grilled chicken, baked beans, and 10 boneless wings. Hey, I was hungry, alright?

My extended, and much more relevant answer, is that I am, at times, sprinting down to the dugout to make sure the player I’m looking for (last night it was Diego Goris) doesn’t disappear. Of course, this is all made a little more complicated by the fact that I have to first finish up calling the half-inning that I’m doing on the television broadcast first. When the TinCaps are winning heading into the top of the ninth, this is made a bit easier as I’m already down in the dugout and don’t have to try and wiggle around a walk-off situation.

When I make my way from the press box, I go through the suite level hallway, thorough J. Chapman’s Suite Level Loft, and then down the stairs to the clubhouse level. On a few occasions last year I tried to go down to the concourse and go through the stands, but I found that I was going against the traffic of folks leaving the park, and that was inconvenient for everyone.

Now as the weather gets hotter, I’ll have to make sure that I not only get to the field quickly, but that I’m not sweating when I get to the field!


Emblem 3…take it away!

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