Ejection, Conflagration, Misidentification!

It was yet another one-run game for the TinCaps on Saturday night at Classic Park, but this time Fort Wayne was on the losing end of the final score, falling 3-2 to the Captains, and missing out on a chance to go to a season-best 10 games above .500.

Jose Valentin was subject to a rare post-game ejection, after arguing two straight close calls at second base that were decisive in the top of the ninth inning. With Fort Wayne trailing by one, Corey Adamson tried to steal second base, and was called out by base umpire Ryan Starkovich, on a play where Captains second baseman Claudio Bautista had to reach behind him to tag Adamson, and it didn’t look like the tag was made in time. Starkovich called Adamson out. Valentin immediately sprinted over to the base to argue, having to fend off Adamson’s rebukes of the umpire.

Two batters later, Gabriel Quintana drilled a line drive to right-center field, earning a single. He tried to stretch it into a double, but was gunned down by center fielder Logan Vick, once again a close call at second. Valentin had more words for Starkovich, who issued a post-game ejection to Valentin as the two walked down the right field line, exchanging barbs.

Hopefully today, a beautifully sunny afternoon with no clouds here in Eastlake, will offer better fortunes for the TinCaps, and starting pitcher Walker Weickel. He looks for his first win of the season in seven tries. He’s getting used to starting on the road, as this marks his sixth start away from Parkview Field.

I’ll have the call with John Nolan, starting at 1:10 with our pre-game show. John will chat with Jose Valentin about the team’s recent six-game winning streak, and the team’s upcoming golf outing this Tuesday on their off day.

In the meantime, here’s yesterday’s chat with Matthew Shepherd:


The coverage of Midwest League teams varies from city to city. In Fort Wayne, we have a beat reporter from The Journal Gazette, and all three local television stations cover the team on a nightly basis. Here at Lake County, just northeast of Cleveland, it’s a bit harder to get on TV, and understandably so with the Indians, Browns and Cavs to steal the spotlight. So maybe it’s easy to lose some of the minor leaguers in the mix, especially the ones who travel in from out of town. That includes the managers of the opposing teams, even if they’re former big leaguers. Here’s a segment from the game story in The News-Herald:

“TinCaps batter Corey Adamson opened the top of the ninth by coaxing a walk off Lake County reliever Louis Head. Adamson stayed at first base when Jeremy Baltz filed out to shallow left field.

With one out and Gabriel Quintana at the plate, Adamson set sail for second base on an attempted steal. Captains catcher Eric Haase made a strong throw to second baseman Claudio Bautista, who tagged Adamson sliding into the bag.

The bang-bang play went Lake County’s way when base umpire Jason Starkovich called out Adamson.

Fort Wayne manager Fernando Vina made a beeline to the center of the diamond to argue the call, to no avail.”

Fernando Vina?!?

Here is Fernando Vina:

Not Jose Valentin

Not Jose Valentin

Here is Jose Valentin:

Not Fernando Vina. Definitely Jose Valentin.

Not Fernando Vina. Definitely Jose Valentin.

Fernando Vina’s Managerial Career- 1, The fourth estate – 0.


Last night as the TinCaps bus pulled away from Classic Park in Eastlake, we saw some flashing lights in the distance and heard sirens on our way to the highway. As we got closer to those flashing lights, we saw a lot more light. That’s because there was a giant fire raging in the adjacent town of Willoughby:

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @nhmjoeright

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @nhmjoeright

According to newspaper reports, no one was hurt in the fire, which took place at a vacant industrial site. You just never know what you’ll see in the Midwest League.


Since this song was the first I heard over the stadium public address system this morning (10:48 AM)…

R Kelly, take it away!

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