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Through the first 21 games of the year, the Fort Wayne TinCaps outfield has only looked exactly the same on back-to-back nights two times. Jose Valentin has five outfielders he can employ on a given night: Brian Adams, Corey Adamson, Jeremy Baltz, Alberth Martinez and Mallex Smith. As it stands right now, each one of them seems to have an even shot of playing on any given night. Here are the outfield combinations for the first 21 games. The games bolded are the times when the outfield has not changed from one day to the next.

4/4 at Great Lakes: Baltz, Adams, Adamson

4/5 at Great Lakes: Martinez, Smith, Adams

4/6 at Great Lakes: Baltz, Martinez, Adamson

4/7 at Great Lakes: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/8 at West Michigan: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/10 at West Michigan: Baltz, Smith, Adamson

4/11 vs. Lake County: Smith, Adams, Martinez

4/12 vs. Lake County: Martinez, Smith, Adamson

4/13 vs. Lake County: Baltz, Martinez, Adams

4/14 vs. Lake County: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/16 at South Bend: Adamson, Smith, Adams

4/17 at South Bend: Smith, Adams, Martinez

4/19 vs. Lansing: Baltz, Martinez, Adamson

4/20 vs. Lansing: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/21 vs. Lansing: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/22 at Bowling Green: Adamson, Smith, Adams

4/23 at Bowling Green: Baltz, Adams, Martinez

4/24 at Bowling Green: Smith, Martinez, Adamson

4/25 vs. Kane County: Martinez, Adams, Adamson

4/26 vs. Kane County: Adamson, Martinez, Adams

4/27 vs. Kane County: Baltz, Smith, Adamson

Broken down more succinctly, Valentin has used five different combinations with Baltz in left field, three with Martinez in left, two with Smith in left, and two with Adamson in left. The most commonly used set of outfielders has been:

LF – Alberth Martinez

CF – Brian Adams

RF – Corey Adamson

That trio has played in that exact configuration six times in the first 21 games. Valentin has repeated three different combinations twice, and for the remainder of the 12 games, there has been a different outfield combination.

It’s a nice luxury for Valentin to have, in that he can play four of the outfielders on a given day, by putting one of them in the lineup as the designated hitter. Jeremy Baltz leads the way there, having DH’d 10 times, while Mallex Smith has done it eight times. Adamson (.328, 6-6 SB), Smith (.300, .388 OBP, team-leading 9 SB), and Baltz (.261, leads team with 4HR, 17 RBI) are the three offensive frontrunners at the moment. No matter what scenario, it’s still an easy mix-and-match situation in the outfield for Valentin.


Saturday was yet another day where Fort Wayne failed to capitalize in many situations with runners in scoring position, going just 1-14 in a 5-3 loss to Kane County.

“We’re still bad with runners in scoring position,” said Manager Jose Valentin. “We’ve been getting away with those situations. We’ve been lucky. Sometimes those games are going to hurt us…I’m not asking for a hit, I’m just asking for somebody to put the ball in play and put some pressure on their defense. We can get one RBI, and (the players) want to get two or three, and it’s not going to happen.”

Over the last two games, the TinCaps are just 7-for-38, having gone 6-for-21 in Friday’s walk-off win. In that game, however, they also started off 1-for-14 before a ninth-inning rally.

Valentin also lamented the three errors committed by the TinCaps, which tied a season high through the first 21 games.

“There are only 27 outs. We played on pace for 33 outs. We gave up six outs ,” he said.

His team was still able to take two of three from Kane County, the last-place team in the Western Division.


Hear the full comments from TinCaps Manager Jose Valentin following last night’s loss to Kane County:


Yesterday it was already time to take the fifth-ever team photo in TinCaps history. From the front steps of Parkview Field, here’s the before:

Team Photo 1

And the after:

Team Photo 2

Coming soon to a poster near you…


Red Hot Chili Peppers…take it away!

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