Walk-Up Wednesday: Stephen Carmon Edition

Editor’s Note: Welcome to a new weekly feature here on “It’s All Relative” that we’re calling “Walk-Up Wednesday.” In the spirit of fun — and alliteration — we’re catching up with TinCaps players to find out what music they’ve selected to be played at Parkview Field when they come to bat or come in to pitch. Hope you enjoy!  

Hi everyone, and thanks for joining us for the inaugural edition of “Walk-Up Wednesday.” In the coming weeks, we’ll profile the wide-ranging musical selections of the 2013 TinCaps — from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Daddy Yankee and everything in between (and clearly there’s a lot in between classic rock and reggaetón).

Fittingly, our first victim guest is the man who wears uniform number 1 for the TinCaps: shortstop Stephen Carmon.

Before we speak now with the 23-year old (not 15 or 22-year old) from Camden, South Carolina, we present — without comment — Stephen’s walk-up song…

John Nolan: Hey Stephen, thanks for being the first to join us on Walk-Up Wednesday. Now our foremost question is, why “I Knew You Were Trouble”?

Stephen Carmon: Last year I had “Call Me Maybe” and the crowd really liked it. Everyone sang it when I came up to bat.  So I just tried to get another song like that to get the crowd into it when I come up to bat. It’s not a bad song. It’s kind of up-beat. It gets me pumped. I was searching for something that the crowd could get into.  It sort of starts off without a beat and then it comes into a beat so that’s why I chose it.

JN: Does this song hold any personal significance to you, like maybe relate to your life at all or a particular love story?

SC: No, not really. I’m a country fan. I like country music. And who doesn’t like Taylor Swift?

All these guys like Taylor Swift. Or did.

JN: I think the answer to that question is only the same people who also dislike the sun, Christmas, and bacon. Mean people. But I digress. Most of your teammates have walk-up songs that are either hip-hop or rock. So your use of Taylor seems like it could make eyes open and put a red target on your back. What have they said to you about going with an artist who’s main fanbase is, well, teenage girls?

SC: Everybody likes it. And if they say they don’t, they secretly do like it. Everybody pretty much likes it.

JN: Truer words may never have been spoken. Your sentiment is the same as mine. But will your use of Taylor’s song as your walk-up music last longer than her relationship with Harry Styles? Or do you plan to change it anytime soon? (Sidenote: Complete Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Timeline here via Billboard.)

SC: I’ll keep it the whole year. I’m not too superstitious about the walk-up song. It’s more about hitting than the music up there. That’s why, like I said, it’s more for the crowd than it is for me.

JN: Hold on a moment, Stephen. It looks like we’re about to be interrupted…


JN: Thanks for that, Kanye. We’ll get to Corey another week… Sorry Stephen, any final words for the fans of Parkview Field on “I Knew You Were Trouble”?

SC: Feel free to sing it when I come up to bat.

JN: Stephen, we appreciate your fearless approach to walk-up music. Thanks for your time.

For the next six days, “Walk-Up Wednesday” and you are never getting back together. But hopefully we’ll be getting back together next Wednesday. Here’s to”Walk-Up Wednesday” not going the Los del Río route and becoming a one-hit wonder.

What walk-up music would you use if you were a TinCap? Or what are your thoughts on Taylor Swift? On second thought, only answer the first question. Let us know on Twitter @MikeCouzens and @John_G_Nolan or by email at couzens@tincaps.com and nolan@tincaps.com.

Now, we sign off and leave you with the unofficial “I Knew You Were Trouble” remix…

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