TinCaps All-Irish Name Team

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, It’s All Relative presents our TinCaps All-Irish Name Team. Dozens of players have passed through Fort Wayne during the last four years and donned the TinCaps green, but the following lads have names more Irish than the rest.

(Note: To complete the roster, players qualified for position assignments as long as they have played the position previously, even if it isn’t their primary one.)

Position Players

C – Chris O’Dowd (2012)

1B – Jason Hagerty (2010)

2B – Casey McElroy (2012)

3B – Sawyer Carroll (2009)

SS – Pat McKenna (2011)

OF – Clark Murphy (2012)

OF – Wes Cunningham (2011)

OF – Daniel Killian (2011)


LHP Allen Harrington (2009)

RHP Michael Kelly (2012)

RHP Jeremy McBryde (2010)

RHP Dennis O’Grady (2011-12)

RHP Jerry Sullivan (2010)

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