Chatting Practice: A Payday Podcast – Episode 8

Happy February, everyone! Opening Day at Parkview Field for the 2013 season is now just 69 days away, and the TinCaps will begin play in just 62 days when they take on the Great Lakes Loons on April 4th in Midland, Michigan. If you haven’t checked in with us here on the blog in a while, here’s what you’ve missed:

The 400 Club: On Wednesday, January 30th, the TinCaps announced the construction of the 400 Club, a one-of-a-kind group seating area that is going to be built in straightaway center field at Parkview Field.

It’s scheduled to open in late May of this season, and will accommodate groups from 20 to 150 people. The 400 Club is also the first area at Parkview Field to include all-you-can-drink beer and wine,  in addition to several different buffet options throughout the game. It will have garage-style doors that will open up for an al fresco environment, and will have air conditioning for those sizzling summer days, too.

400-3 400-1 400-2 features ’12 catcher Austin HedgesOne of the mainstays of Fort Wayne’s 2012 lineup was catcher Austin Hedges, who is one of the top prospects in Minor League Baseball. He draws high praise from Brad Ausmus, who is a special assistant to General Manager Josh Byrnes:

“He was the first amateur I had seen in 25 years, so I was comparing him to Major Leaguers, but he stood out on the field head and shoulders above his peers and the players he was going against. Now that I’ve gotten to know him, the most remarkable thing about Austin is his aptitude for the game. For a catcher out of high school, he has a much better grasp of what’s going on around him than I did at his age,” says Ausmus, himself a prep-to-pro catcher as a 48th-round draftee in 1987. “So I think he’s well ahead of the curve. That being said, he has a thirst for learning more about the game and a work ethic that is going to make him much better quickly.”

Hedges will likely begin 2013 with Advanced-A Lake Elsinore.

Prospect Previews: I announced last week that I’ll be starting a new series, beginning this coming Monday, February 4th, where I’ll give you a preview of the 40 players I anticipate may be on Fort Wayne’s roster for Opening Day. Of course the roster limit is 25, but it’s an inexact science. Over an eight-week stretch, I’ll bring you five players per week.

And now for the podcast…

1:40 – In the parenting corner with Michael, who has twins, we learn about sick babies. But not any type of sick baby. The sick 13-month-old that is teething, but also has a nasal drip, and stomach issues which lead to…well, you know.

5:20 – Do they make baby-profen?

5:40 – Me: When you’re sitting in the recliner (with the baby), what is the signal that the diaper needs to be changed?

Michael: It’s very obvious.

8:00 – Massage talk. We are manly men.

8:35 – I deliver my Week In Review(!), which details the great bat incident of 2013, in which a basketball game I was broadcasting was interrupted many times by a winged mammal. There is both photo and video evidence:

Bat 4

13:00 – I’ve had experience with animals interrupting games before. There was a TinCaps game this summer that was delayed by a rabbit, and another delayed by a duck.

15:00 – Michael recalls that a bat once invaded the Memorial Coliseum and then-pitching coach Mike Harkey had some fun with it in the clubhouse.

18:50 – Our Pop Culture Item of the Week takes us to the Vandelay Industries Hotline (TM) as we ask the question: Is it socially acceptable to throw yourself a birthday party?

21:00 – We tell co-worker Abby Naas that she’s on the Vandelay Industries Hotline and we get, “I don’ know what that means.” She also gave some good insight on throwing oneself a birthday party.

22:50 – Abby claims she is 23 years old. Abby is not 23 years old.

23:00 – Abby says a present is not necessary for an adult birthday party because, “People would normally just bring a bottle of soda…or something.” Well said, Abby.

24:45 – After four other co-workers fail to answer their phones, I declare, “Well, this is officially the worst podcast ever.”

27:00 – I share my stance on birthdays, which I share with Ron Swanson from NBC’s Parks and Recreation:


28:50 – I present Michael with his feast in this episode’s “Odd Food Challenge”:


I bought him six White Castle sliders. Extra onion is free!

I also got Michael an Arnold Palmer to drink because he has created his own drink, the “Michael Limmer”

2/3 water

1/3 Parkview Field Lemonade

31:35 – Michael reveals my treat, fancy smoked oysters (good until July 2015!)

Looks decent so far, right?

Looks decent so far, right?

There is nothing fancy about this.

There is nothing fancy about this.

32:05 – Me: “Why do they sell these? Doesn’t there have to be market demand for these?” I repeatedly question my will to live while faced with eating this.

34:40 – Michael goes for time, eating the six sliders in three minutes, 40 seconds. A respectable demolition of the fast food.

36:30 – After lots of stalling, I finally bite in to one of the oysters. It is as disgusting as predicted. I wash it down with a “Michael Limmer”. This is gonna be a thing, people.

39:00 – Michael is declared the winner of this week’s challenge. Next we meet–old Valentine’s Day candy!

We’ll be back with you for another podcast on February 15th.

If you’d like to get in touch in the meantime, please email me or tweet me @MikeCouzens.

Thanks for reading and listening!


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