Downtown Zombies, Parkview Field in the Running

This past Saturday was Fright Night in downtown Fort Wayne, and it brought out all types of zombies, ghosts and ghouls–and, of course, Johnny in his best Halloween costume:

There were some seriously great costumes that I saw, and perhaps my favorite was the zombie golfer, who had a driver that appeared to go right through his stomach. I do imagine it might be a bit difficult to drive a car that way. Then again, can zombies drive cars?

Here are some more photos from the Zombie Walk, courtesy of Michael Limmer:

It’s never a bad time to wear your TinCaps gear!

Are those zom-bears?

The zombie walk invades Calhoun Street.

I was at Parkview Field on Saturday night helping folks through the scavenger hunt, which was a lot of fun. I helped to hang the jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts around the ballpark on Friday (mostly in the higher locations because of my height) and then on the night of the event was there with some other TinCaps staff members to guide Fright Night participants through what they had to do to take part in the scavenger hunt. If you weren’t there and aren’t familiar with the Scavenger Hunt, we here at Parkview Field post stickers of jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts around the concourse of Parkview Field. You can then come into the park, take a lap, and try to find as many of the jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts as you can, finally submitting your guess to be eligible to win a number of prizes. If you did participate, we posted the answers yesterday and there were 23 jack-o’-lanterns and 23 ghosts. Winners have been contacted by email, so if you listed your email address make sure that you’re on the lookout for an email possibly coming your way.

Thanks to everyone who participated.


If you’re on Facebook (Oh, you’re all still here? Ok, good…) then make sure to head over to the TinCaps page to vote for Parkview Field in the Baseball America Great Parks Calendar contest. Here’s how it works–each week there are six ballparks placed into the competition, and each park is paired off with another. For Fort Wayne, it’s Parkview Field against Dow Diamond, the home of the Great Lakes Loons, also of the Midwest League. The park that receives the most votes in head-to-head competition earns a spot on the 2013 calendar, which is already for sale on the Baseball America website. As I write this post on Tuesday afternoon, Parkview Field is leading Dow Diamond, 166-10. Let’s keep it that way!

Here is the direct link to vote:

Consider it your warmup for the real Election Day.


If you’re in an organization like a Lions Club, Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club that happens to be looking for a speaker, please let me know. The TinCaps Speakers Bureau is always open for business, and I’m more than happy to come speak at your group’s next event. We’ve got a webpage set up now for you to submit requests:

Please the word along if you know of anyone who might be interested in hearing more about the TinCaps.


This song came on when I was ironing the other night (hey, even my life isn’t exciting sometimes) and it made me want to share it on the blog. The Rolling Stones…take it away!

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me at or on Twitter @MikeCouzens.

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