Fort4Fitness and the Debut of The Payday Podcast

Welcome to another edition of “It’s All Relative”, where there may not always be Midwest League baseball, but there will always be something to interest you.

This past weekend was the fifth annual Fort4Fitness event in downtown Fort Wayne, and almost 10,000 runners took part in the excellent two-day event. I was fortunate to be involved with it not on the running end, but in anchoring the first-ever live television broadcast of the event. The finish line is at Parkview Field’s home plate, and I was situated outside the first base dugout. The coverage went from 7-11 AM on Saturday, and I talked with many of the event’s organizers, and even the winners from each of the races (4 mile, 10K, Half Marathon). A big thank you goes out to Brian Schackow and Abby Naas for helping me prepare for the broadcast and for helping me the day of the event. Thanks, also, to all of the guests who joined me on the air.

When I went on the air at 7AM, the sun had not yet risen. That black fixture to the right of the table is a big light that helped illuminate the set.

The Fort4Fitness finish line.

Runners coming around the warning track and nearing the finish line.

The view from above (photo courtesy of Tony DesPlaines).

If you live within the Comcast viewing area (Channel 81) the event may be replayed in the coming days (we’re looking in to it) and we may also put some segments from the broadcast up on our YouTube page. Stay tuned!



Direct from the offices of the Fort Wayne TinCaps at downtown Parkview Field in Fort Wayne Indiana, we proudly present the first ever edition of the Payday Podcast.

Who: Me, and Michael Limmer, TinCaps Vice President of Marketing

Where: This very blog

Why: For your entertainment

What: Anything and everything. This week we cover my road trip to Virginia, notes on fatherhood (including taking care of a baby with a cold and how that involves a mini-turkey baster), Fort4Fitness, Dancing with the Stars and the first Odd Food Challenge.

When: Every two weeks–payday.

In this week’s episode:

3:30 Week in Review

21:40 Pop Culture Item of the Week

28:50 Odd Food Challenge

In the Challenge, each competitor has a $10 limit with which they are to buy whatever food they like for the other person to eat. I chose Banana Plum Brown Rice Baby Food, and Michael chose Hot Dog flavored potato chips. The baby food, predictably, tasted awful. However, the chips were delicious and I finished the entire bag.

Baby food and Hot Dog flavored potato chips. Delicious!

You can’t tell me this doesn’t sound scrumptious.

If you have any suggestions for upcoming Odd Food Challenges, please let me know. You can reach me via email at or on Twitter @MikeCouzens.


Miranda Lambert…take it away!

I definitely rocked out to this song in my car this weekend. Apologies to those drivers that were distracted by my flailing limbs and off-key notes.

Thanks for reading!

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