Win and They’re In

It’s simple today for the TinCaps: Win and they’re in. The 2012 Midwest League Playoffs are just one victory away for Fort Wayne.

Ever since moving into Parkview Field three years ago, the TinCaps have been in the playoffs every season. They’ll hope to follow up on a fantastic performance from last night in which they pounded out 14 hits and scored 10 runs, topping West Michigan, 10-4. The atmosphere at the park the last two nights has been absolutely electric, and tonight should be another great crowd, too. There’s been a special buzz which has been really fun to be a part of. Tonight is the final fireworks show of the season, and if you’re able to get out to the game you definitely should.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, Tyler Stubblfield, who went 3-4 with three doubles last night, talks about his success and the team’s desire to make the playoffs:


As we come to the final home game of the regular season tonight at Parkview Field and Fan Appreciation Night, I think it is also important for me to say thank you to you, the reader, for checking in and keeping up with what I’ve had to say over the course of the season. I appreciate your readership and feedback, whether through email, Twitter or in person at stadiums across the league.

The reason we follow sports is because it’s an escape, a getaway from everyday life. It’s supposed to be fun. I know that sometimes I delve a little deeper into the games than most people, but I find it fun and hope to make it that way for you, too. This story by Will Leitch, written for the brand new Sports on Earth,  describes what sports journalism is like on the inside:

“The average human being has real-world business to care about — their job (or lack thereof), house payments, their kids’ school, that guy across the street who hasn’t mowed his lawn in weeks, the nagging sense that life is simply nothing but random emptiness with the darkness of death creeping in from all sides — and sees sport as an escape from all that.

When you work in sports, you think sports are far more important than the rest of the planet does. I can write a long story about the Nets, and Jeffrey Toobin can write a long story about the Mets, and the average person — who couldn’t care less about how the Nets built their arena or how Fred Wilpon grew up — is just looking for something to chat about when they’re killing time at a sports bar or, more likely, online. “It’s the Tweet” isn’t a pithy epithet about killing journalism. It’s essentially the way most human beings think on a basic level….The best we can hope for is to try to elevate the discourse when we have the chance. We can just be grateful if someone reads the whole thing.”

Leitch makes that point that for those who work in sports, it can be all-consuming. For you reading this, you’ve got other things going on that don’t involve the TinCaps and who has what ERA or what hitting streak is the latest piece of news. But day after day, I’ll be here with that anyway…and I’m glad you stop in when you do, especially if you read the whole thing.


Living Colour…take it away!

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