On the Road, #NotTop10, Odd Adventure

Hi from Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio:

Photo courtesy of the TinCaps Amateur Photography Department

Tonight the TinCaps open a three-game series with the Dayton Dragons, the last-place team in the Midwest League’s Eastern Division. Dayton hasn’t played a full game in two days, having been rained out the last two nights against Lansing.

Meanwhile, Fort Wayne ran away with a big win Friday night. James Needy needed just 69 pitches to get through five innings, while giving up just one earned run. Lee Orr and Duanel Jones hit home runs (more on Jones’ homer below), leading the TinCaps to a 9-3 win.

Matt Wisler starts tonight. His home state of Ohio has been good to him, as he’s earned three of his four professional wins here. Two victories have come at Lake County and the other here in Dayton. This is the second and final time Fort Wayne visits

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, James Needy chats with us about his start:

In a double shot of the TinCaps Report Podcast, here is a feature story from Tom Felice. He takes us inside the gameday workings of the Fort Wayne bullpen, which is just as quirky as you might think:


Duanel Jones provided perhaps the best (and interpret that how you wish) highlight of the season at Parkview Field when he hit a home run Friday night.

He clocks one over the fence in left, begins his trot and, well…you’ve got to watch the video to find out what happens next:

There’s been talk of trying to see if SportsCenter will run this on its Not Top 10 videos of the week. If you want to try and get it on there, just tweet out a link to the video with the hashtag #NotTop10 and let’s see what happens.


If you’ve ever tried to buy something off of Craigslist, you know there’s a bit of uncertainty to what you might be getting. Well for Joe Garner, a documentarian, he lived off of Craigslist for an entire month…and made a movie about it. He had no money, no contacts in his phone and just the clothes on his back. The movie is out in some theaters right now, but here’s the highly intriguing trailer:


M83…take it away!

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