Stormy Saturday Night

Well, it got a little rainy at Parkview Field on Saturday night. Here’s the view as the storm rolled into town:

And here’s what it looked like as it started to roll away:

It’s odd to think that the sun was hiding behind those clouds the entire time, but it was. This all happened between 7:45 and around 9:00 when I took the second picture, meaning the sun hadn’t even set at that point.

In non-weather news, the TinCaps were winning when it started to pour. Yeison Asencio grounded into a double play to get Jace Peterson across in the first, and Lee Orr followed with an RBI single to score Mike Gallic. The Hot Rods were facing Matt Wisler in the top of the second, and had runners on first and second with two out when the rains came. Today, James Needy will be on the hill as the TinCaps complete the suspended game.

After all nine innings are played from that game, a seven-inning ballgame will follow. Cody Hebner is set to take the mound for Fort Wayne.

Note: If you had tickets to Saturday’s game, you may exchange your ticket stub from last night for any remaining home game during the 2012 season. Just bring your ticket stub to the Parkview Field Ticket Office, and exchange it for the best comparable seats to a future game, based on availability.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, Mike Maahs chats with Jose Valentin about last week’s four-game series at South Bend, the importance of winning series and the rigors of playing a 140-game season.


The Strokes…take it away!

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