Impressive Numbers, Just Visiting, Oops, ‘Big’ Correction

Have you heard a discussion like this in the stands at Parkview Field lately:

A: Pssst…have you heard about this Portillo guy?

B: Yeah, he’s that really good TinCaps pitcher, right?

A: Yeah, I think he’s got one of the best ERA’s in the Midwest League.

Ok, probably not. If you have heard one like that, you’ve got some smart seatmates, because they’ve got their info correct. Fort Wayne picked up a win last night against Beloit, and tonight the TinCaps send Adys Portillo and his league-best 1.65 ERA out to face the Snappers in game two of this three-game series. Not only his his ERA the best in the league, but it’s the fourth-best in all of Minor League Baseball. Here’s who he’s trailing:

Cody Buckel, 1.31 (Myrtle Beach Pelicans)

Jose Fernandez, 1.59 (Greensboro Grasshoppers)

Justin Grimm, 1.80 (Frisco Roughriders)

It’s worth mentioning that Mariners super-prospect Danny Hultzen had a 1.19 ERA in Double-A before earning a promotion to Triple-A late last month.

So, Portillo is in good company. Let’s see what he can do tonight.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, hear from catcher Austin Hedges, who knocked in three runs and scored two as the TinCaps beat the Snappers 6-3 on Wednesday night:


Padres Minor League hitting coordinator Sean Berry is in town for a few days. In this photo, taken today, he chats with some of the TinCaps before an early workout:


Everyone’s had a bad job interview before, but what about making a mistake so hilariously bad that you didn’t even get to the interview stage?

That’s what happened to Vanessa Hodja, a 20-year-old student at York University in Toronto. Instead of attaching her resume and cover letter to an email, she attached a picture of Nicolas Cage. Yes, Nicolas Cage:

Can we agree that whoever the recipient of the email was deleted it so fast that it was Gone in Sixty Seconds? Was this mistake Hodja’s Kiss of Death? Will this email be sent around offices country-wide and be thought of as a National Treasure?

Ok, I’ll stop…


Some fifth graders wrote The Washington Post to ask that a factual error in a story about the Titanic be corrected:

“Wednesday morning, The Washington Post’s Dennis Drabelle opened his mail to find a rather large letter informing him of an error in one of his stories. “Based on our research,” wrote Mrs. Reed’s fifth-grade class, “the Titanic hit the iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912.”

Drabelle, a contributing editor for the Post’s Book World, had written in an April roundup of Titanic books that the collision occurred on April 15, but that was the date that the ship sank. And these fifth-graders pay attention to details like that. “

Where do you get paper that big?


The Killers…take it away!

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