Sunday Chat, Mouse Delay, There for a Reason

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, hear my Sunday chat with TinCaps Manager Jose Valentin as we talk about:

-Matt Wisler’s near no hitter

-Kyle Gaedele’s second-half success

-and what he’d like to see Cody Hebner do to try and get his seventh win of the season


Triple-A baseball is as close as you can get to the major leagues without being there. The International League has some of the best talent, and apparently some of the best ways to temporarily halt a baseball game, too. From yesterday’s Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees – Buffalo Bisons contest :


When in South Bend the TinCaps stay downtown, just a few blocks away from the ballpark at the DoubleTree Hotel. It makes for wonderful lodging with comfortable beds, free cookies at the front desk and a min-Starbucks in the lobby. When it comes to Midwest League hotels, it’s very much near the top of my list…with one exception:

This is the notice that is affixed just below the shower head in each bathroom. As someone who has bathed on more than one occasion (perhaps many occasions), I find this to be a bit much. Is it really necessary to inform me that if I do not keep the item designed to keep water from going outside the shower, inside of the shower, that water will then go outside of the shower? Is this not an assumption that I have never used a shower with a curtain before? Are there legions of shower curtain-less folks out there? Is this a fad like planking?

What makes me laugh about it is that there has to have been a precedent for this warning to be posted. It probably happened once where someone left the curtain outside of the tub and water got all over the bathroom, making a mess for the housekeeping staff. They likely assumed that it would not happen again. No need for a sign, right?

Then, it somehow happened again. Could that many people really not now how a shower curtain works? Should we include a tutorial pamphlet along with the room key at check-in? No, the hotel thought, let’s just make sure everyone, first-time showerer or not, knows how to use a shower curtain.

Consider it a public service announcement. No one will ever flood another bathroom in South Bend.


Mark Bittman of The New York Times makes a case for giving up milk. 

Don’t ever change, milk. Sorry, Paul, but I will not be giving up milk any time soon.


Rush…take it away!

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