Back at Home, What You Don’t See, Smart Phone Nation

Happy Independence Day. The TinCaps are in first place, and return home to take on the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Appropriate, since today when I drove into work it was 99 degrees outside.

Wherever you may be today, I hope you enjoy your day and that you celebrate responsibly.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, I talk with closer Matt Stites about his stellar season, and we find out his top 3 ballparks (other than Parkview Field, of course the #1 choice) in the Midwest League:


LaMond Pope of The Journal Gazette takes an inside look at the job of the official scorer at Parkview Field. We have a three-man rotation, that has the difficult task of deciding things like wild pitch or passed ball, stolen base or no stolen base, error or no error and many other difficult decisions.


Is it OK to text at the dinner table? Should you Instagram at a wedding? How much is too much?

The Wall Street Journal delves into the nitty gritty of a debate that is sure to rage on for years to come:

“For their upcoming wedding this October in Sydney, Australia, Jacqui Stewart, 28, and Andrew Turner, 27, who both work in the technology industry, are banning the use of smartphones. “Be Nice, Turn Off that Device … We want you to be able to really enjoy our wedding day, feeling truly present and in the moment with us,” their wedding website says.

Ms. Stewart says when she walks down the aisle she doesn’t want to face 60 camera phone-wielding guests. “It’s a private event and I want to share it with my friends and family and not the rest of the world,” she says.”

A reasonable approach for certain. But what about those who like to share?

“Some brides want to share the love. Before Caroline Waxler, an Internet marketing strategist, married attorney Michael Levitt in front of 350 guests in New York City last month, she alerted them via email and Twitter that all social media posts and photos should include the hashtag “#waxlevittwedding.”

The night of the wedding, more than 100 photographs appeared on Instagram with the hashtag—including shots of the bride posted before she walked down the aisle and real-time pictures taken inside the synagogue during the ceremony. “I did tweet on the way to the temple but then put my iPad down because the wedding planner yelled at me,” says Ms. Waxler, 41.”

A bit much…but hey, to each his or her own, I suppose. Now let me go check in at Parkview Field on FourSquare…

I’ve become a fan of this idea:

Everyone at the dinner table has to leave their phone out in the open, and nobody is allowed to check their phone until dinner is over. It’s back to the days of the family dinner, where everyone would sit around and catch up on one another’s lives. As much as I might be addicted to my smart phone, I’m more intrigued by actual human interaction, than I am by an Instagram of your Fourth of July cupcake.


Gavin DeGraw…take it away!

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