Bizarre Day,Baseball Wedding, Sunday Chat


An overnight trip from Midland, Michigan, saw the TinCaps arrive to Ohio at about 4 AM on Sunday. In two of his last three outings, Matt Wisler has been the starting pitcher after a long bus trip. On June 15th, it was a start after an eight-hour bus ride down to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and yesterday it was a pre-dawn arrival to take on Lake County.

Maybe he should have an unusual travel experience before every one of his starts from now on. Against Bowling Green on that hot, sticky day, he worked six scoreless innings, gave up three hits, and struck out six. Yesterday, he improved on that number, having nearly the exact same line, except he only gave up two hits. He’s also still only 19 years old, and is having one heck of a season.

Wisler got his third win on Sunday, making all three of his professional wins in his home state of Ohio. He’s been victorious once at Dayton and now twice at Lake County. In 17 innings of work in the Buckeye State this year, he hasn’t allowed a run.

The TinCaps gave him a 4-0 lead, and by the time the sixth inning was over, so was the game.  Torrential rain and wind blew through Eastlake, Ohio and it took every member of the grounds crew to keep the tarp from blowing off the field. An umbrella flew out of the picnic area into the seats (they were unoccupied) and there was thunder and lightning, too.

My view from the visiting radio booth.

There were puddles all around the field and the warning track by the time the TinCaps left. It couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes worth of rain, but it must have brought a few inches, at least.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, you can hear my weekly chat with Manager Jose Valentin, where he talks about the renewed energy and sense of urgency his team has played with in the second half, and about the addition of Travis Jankowski to the ballclub:


In what was billed as first ever wedding in the history of Classic Park, two baseball fans celebrated their nuptials at home plate at about 6:45 on Sunday evening.

Mascots and all…and then they stayed for the game. If rain on your wedding day is good luck, does a monsoon mean really good luck?


Daughtry…take it away!

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