Jacque in Charge, Pics from the Road, Ten Year Anniversary

Day two here in Eastlake, Ohio was an interesting one for the TinCaps. The final result was a 7-2 loss at the hands of the Lake County Captains. Fort Wayne jumped in front 2-1 after the top half of the seventh, but a five-run eighth inning canned any hopes of a win. Daniel Cropper, who had given up three runs all season, was tagged for five runs as the Captains batted around in the eighth inning.

Some notes:

-It was another good game for Yeison Asencio, who went 4-4 on Sunday after hitting a two-run home run on Saturday night. Asencio’s average is now up to .346.

-Donavan Tate got the start in centerfield for the fourth time on Sunday. Before the game, I asked hitting coach and acting manager Jacque Jones about the transition for Tate from left field to center.

“All these guys are interchangeable in the outfield and we want him to get some time playing at every position. He hasn’t played very much center field this year so Jose wanted to get him some work out there and get him caught up with the rest of the guys,” Jones said.

-Manager Jose Valentin was away from the club on Sunday and will be for Monday’s 7:00 first pitch, too. His son, Jesmuel, is a likely candidate to be selected on the first day of the MLB draft. Jose is back home in Puerto Rico to be with his son for what could be a very big day for the family. During the time Jose was out of MLB and before he got back into the game this year, he was a baseball instructor in his native Puerto Rico.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, hear my full conversation with Jacque Jones from Sunday’s pregame show:


Here’s my favorite feature of the booth at Lake County:

An electrical outlet that is about seven feet above the floor:

Apparently a TV used to be plugged in there. Now I use it for my phone charger.

This is the Moby Dick sandwich:

Here’s what the sandwich includes:

• Five quarter-pound fish filets.

• Eight slices of cheese.

• Six ounces of clam strips.

• A third-pound of french fries

• A cup of cole slaw.

• “Gobs” of lettuce, tomato, pickles and tartar sauce.

And it may or may not come with a tombstone and burial site. That is a large sandwich. For $20 bucks, though, it’d be worth the challenge with a few friends to try and put it away.

This is the elevator button selection here at the Comfort Inn in Mentor, Ohio:

Just don’t press it. No questions, please.

Lastly, this funny sign from one of the gates at Classic Park:


Maxim writes:

“Ten years ago this month, The Wire premiered on HBO and… almost nobody cared. The Baltimore saga of cops and dealers, junkies and politicians, poverty and hope, polarized critics, was ignored by the Emmys, constantly struggled for ratings and faced cancellation more than once. But it also inspired a future President, created a bona fide American folk hero, and helped launch the current “Golden Age” of television. Now for the first time ever, the creators, writers, cast and crew recall the making of an American classic.”

I’ve got to say that I don’t watch a lot of TV. It takes a lot for me to get into a TV series, let alone to actually watch one start to finish. I watched The Wire from beginning to end last summer and loved every minute of watching the show. The realistic nature of the program, the characters, the writing–it was all superb. Many people will argue The Wire  is one of the greatest shows in history. I am among those people.

Click here to read Maxim’s interviews with the creators and actors from the show.

If you’ve never watched, I highly suggest you get into the show.


Stevie Ray Vaughn…take it away!

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