Back Home, For Perspective, Nice Catch

Friday night’s ballgame was maybe the best pitching matchup any Midwest League game has seen this year as Fort Wayne’s Adys Portillo faced South Bend’s Archie Bradley. Portillo entered with the circuit’s lowest ERA and Bradley came in with the league’s best batting average against (BAA). Portillo, in six innings, allowed just two baserunners as he gave up one walk and one hit. He’s now got the third best WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) in the league at 0.97, which ranks first among the eight Eastern Division teams. His .155 BAA would be the best in the major leagues, although we’ve got to consider scale since most players in the Midwest League don’t have two full seasons under their belts.

Bradley had a great fastball, but had trouble locating his curveball and he was tagged for three runs in the third. That 3-0 TinCaps lead held until the seventh when Justin Hancock allowed three runs to tie the game.

The game ended up going to extras, and a wild pitch from James Needy allowed the winning run to score for South Bend. Not an easy way to finish the series, but the TinCaps won the first two games, and have now won back-to-back series.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, Tom Felice tells the story of Lee Orr and Jace Peterson. The two were college teammates at McNeese State and now have been reunited in Fort Wayne.


Lee Orr hit two home runs in the most recent three-game series with South Bend, and the one that he hit on Thursday night traveled quite a long way. The following photos are intended to demonstrate just how far he hit the baseball.

Please note the brick building beyond the wall in left field.

The left field corner is 336 feet away from home plate.

Please note the distance from the foul pole to the brick building, which serves as the Silver Hawks team store.

His Thursday homer bounced to the top of the middle window of that building on one hop. I ‘m good at neither math nor estimation, but I’d say it’s probably close to 100 feet between the pole and the team store. That’d mean Orr hit it almost 430 feet. That’s a long home run.


I saw this on Twitter and felt compelled to share:

“During the first round of the NWAACC baseball championships, Lower Columbia College outfielder Derrick Salberg leaps over the fence to make a game-ending catch to rob Everett of a two-run home run and preserve a 4-2 victory. Video courtest of KLTV in Longview, Wash.”

That outfielder may have needed an ibuprofen or five in the morning for his back, but that’s one heck of a play. That said, why was the fence only knee high? Anyone?


Jimi Hendrix…at Woodstock…take it away!

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