Three Straight, TV Rules, Gatsby Movie

After an off day on Tuesday for the TinCaps, they came to play today in South Bend with their batteries fully charged. Lee Orr smashed his third home run in nine games, Jace Peterson returned from the disabled list by going 3-5 with two runs batted in, and Donavan Tate knocked in two runs, too. Cody Hebner worked his shortest outing of the year going four innings and giving up a season-high five runs, but the TinCaps managed to score enough to earn a 7-5 win over South Bend.

The fourth inning was the big frame, with each team attacking the other’s starter for four runs. Fort Wayne sent eight men to the plate in its half of the fourth, and South Bend batted around in its half. Nevertheless, the TinCaps got some insurance with a Tate RBI single in the ninth, and Daniel Cropper, who has now pitched in three straight games, notched his fourth save in five tries.

The team is now just two games under .500 as they try to get back to even, which hasn’t been the case since the second day of the season when the record was 1-1, two games into the opening series against Lake County.

Tomorrow’s matchup with South Bend should be an interesting one, as Frank Garces tries to rebound from his shortest outing of the year (2.2 IP, 5R, 1ER, 4BB, 2K) on Friday against Lansing. South Bend, which recently had a promotion in its rotation, tosses Blake Perry to the hill for his first Midwest League appearance.


I don’t watch a lot of TV, but for the shows that I do follow, if anyone ruins them for me, I am devastated. If you wait all week to watch a show and then hear someone talking about what happened that week before you had a chance to watch…terrible.

Thus, GQ has come out with rules for watching TV in the age of DVR. The highlights:

Never, ever bring up spoilers at the office without first asking, “Did you see [name of show] last night?” And please, keep your spoiler-laden watercooler gabfest to a low volume.

Don’t try to talk your way around a spoiler. The worst person in the world is the one who, upon learning you haven’t watched something, then tries to talk about it anyway with, “All I’ll say is…”  NO! All you will say is nothing. Telling me my mind will be blown still ruins it.

I think we can all agree on those terms.


Who else would play Gatbsy but Leonardo DiCaprio? I’m very much looking forward to seeing this film, if only because I enjoyed reading the book as much as I did.

The party scenes look appropriately over the top (Gatsbyesque?) and it looks like it’ll have enough drama to make it exciting. Don’t hold your breath though…the movie won’t hit theaters until Christmas.

Grand Funk Railroad…take it away!

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