Fort Wayne’s Own, Getting Younger, !!!

There wasn’t a single pitch thrown on Monday night in Dayton, Ohio, as the TinCaps and Dragons were postponed by rain.  The tarp went on the field at about 6:30, and the game was officially made into a doubleheader just shy of 9:00 PM.

Today it’ll be lefty Frank Garces in game one and righty Justin Hancock in game two. Hancock will be making his second start of the year, after he filled in for Matt Wisler last month on the 19th against Kane County.

The TinCaps are on a three-game winning streak, their longest of the year, and will look to make it five in a row tonight. I hope you can join on the radio, starting with pre-game coverage starting at 5:45 and first pitch at 6:00.

In today’s TinCaps Report listen to Fort Wayne native and Homestead High School graduate Ryan Wright talk about his baseball influences, getting to play at Parkview Field, and his ties to the Komets:


When I was younger, as in having a “bedtime” young, I used to be excited to watch the late Andy Rooney’s commentary at the end of 60 Minutes. It signaled the end of the weekend, school was right around the corner, and it gave everyone in the family something to chuckle at, or at least ponder.

Now that I watch the news magazine as a more perceptive consumer of news, I appreciate the amount of work that goes into each story, and have begun to enjoy watching the different correspondents each week. Brian Stelter of The New York Times writes that in the past few years, the reporters on the program have been getting younger and younger:

“Stalwarts like Steve Kroft and Lesley Stahl have been joined by new contributors like Lara Logan and Anderson Cooper. And the program has embraced the Web to a degree that some of its older viewers have not, selling an iPad app on iTunes and promoting a weekly online show, “Overtime.” After televising an hourlong “60 Minutes” tribute to Mike Wallace, a founding correspondent who died last month, CBS proudly noted in a news release that “ ‘Mike Wallace’ was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter Sunday night.”’

What’s great is that the nature of the stories has not changed much. They’re still in-depth, informative, interesting and entertaining.

I think Steve Kroft has the quote of the story:

“People grow up watching this show with their parents at the dinner table,” he said, then they become parents and start watching with their children. “It’s a family tradition that comes from being on the air for 40 years.”


Let’s just agree on this, we all use too many exclamation marks in our daily correspondence. Whether it’s a text message or an email, too many of them get put into play. The Atlantic has a very well-written take on this topic:

“For those of us who email on a regular basis, which is basically everyone, all the time these days, there’s a certain pressure to use an “!” in every email, fearing we’d otherwise come off as dour, sarcastic or just plain rude. The mark thus decorates emails across America lest we come off as plain evil without exclaiming, which only feeds the addiction. It has gotten to the point, that sometimes one isn’t even enough. One doesn’t want to use too many, fearful of coming off like a teenage girl. But no mark at all reads as, at best, stiff or, at worst, a total jerk. Before we can do anything about this issue, however, we must understand its various manifestations. There’s a balance, America.”

If you email me, I will not be offended if you include one, or even zero, exclamation marks. Let’s learn to use fewer of these powerful punctuation pieces.


Motley Crue…take it away!

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