LOL (But Seriously), ¡Jambalaya!, Podcast

Fort Wayne’s offense exploded for a season-high 12 runs and 16 hits as the TinCaps obliterated the Kane County Cougars on Friday night.

Travis Whitmore went 4-5 and Justin Miller finished with a three-hit performance. Whitmore and Kyle Gaedele plated three runs, and  Duanel Jones, along with Matt Colantonio, had two runs batted in.  A 7-for-11 mark with runners in scoring position was also a season best. Cody Hebner pitched five innings, allowing just one run, for the win. The bullpen was brilliant, too, working four innings and giving up just a hit.

A win would give the TinCaps their first back-to-back wins of the year and it would be the team’s first series victory in five tries.

In today’s TinCaps Report Podcast, hear the highlights from Friday’s win, and we stop in with the roster’s newest addition, catcher Jeremy Rodriguez:


These days when someone types “lol” in a text to you, it’s really just a signal that they have nothing else to say. As a matter of fact, LOL has an entire Wikipedia article to itself.  I remember back when my family had one shared computer, and this was after the IBM Aptiva with Windows 3.1 that my father had originally purchased for work.

The family computer was in a wooden cabinet that had tackboard on either side to hang up papers that had passwords to certain sites, and a few other things. There was also a sheet that was hung up which was cut out of one of those weekend magazines that you’ll find in your Sunday paper. The sheet was entitled “Internet Slang” and it had all types of ridiculous phrases on it, which included the regular LOL (laughing out loud), OMG (oh my gosh), etc. It was a middle-aged columnist’s way of trying to show that he or she was “hip” and to help parents try and connect with their kids. Some of the things on that list I had never seen or used, and I was one of those kids what was supposedly using all of those newfangled phrases.

This all leads me to a great link which I came upon yesterday. It’s a look at “How 10 Big Websites Looked 15 Years Ago” and it is really interesting to see how far the internet has come:

Can you imagine where things will be 15 years from now? I don’t think anyone really can.


The hotel here in Illinois is a golf resort. Every baseball team’s got several avid golfers and this one’s no exception. 36 holes of golf here at the Pheasant Run Resort, but there’s also much ado inside the hotel, too. Below you’ll see my photos from the Bourbon Street replica that exists in one of the wings. I took a walk there on Friday because I kept seeing all of these “Bourbon Street” signs, and figured it was just a theme restaurant, but it’s really pretty neat. There’s an arcade, a few shops, an art gallery up on the second floor and even a theater. The last photo shows the bags of specialty coffee I bought at the gift shop. There’s a local coffee company that sells its products here, and in my haul I came away with Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Almond, Dutch Chocolate and Caramel Apple. I now crave coffee more than ever.


In honor of the team’s upcoming series in Clinton, Iowa, I bring you Bill Clinton…playing the blues! (And some great 90’s haircuts from the first family at about the 1:50 mark)

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I remember that internet slang sheet! I also found a book called “how to surf the web” (1995)

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