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Tuesday night at Parkview Field the TinCaps snapped their four-game losing streak with a win over the Dayton Dragons. A win on Wednesday would give Fort Wayne it’s first series victory of the season in four tries.

Zach Kometani hit his first home run of the year in Tuesday’s 4-1 win, and Justin Miller went 3-4, coming a double shy of the cycle. For as much as the TinCaps have at times struggled to get the clutch hit this year, they’ve already had two players come within one hit of the cycle. Last Thursday, Jace Peterson was in need of a triple do complete the feat at Great Lakes.

Not to be overlooked was the pitching performance of Adys Portillo. The 20-year-old righthander worked 4 2/3, he had to leave the game due to cramping in his leg, but struck out a career-high nine batters. His fastball was particularly impressive, as he struck out the side in the first inning, pumping fastballs by Theo Bowe, Juan Perez and Ryan Wright.

Speaking of Wright, he’s from Fort Wayne. He went to Homestead High School, and then played three years of college baseball at Louisville. There are a lot of things that have to go right for a player to end up back near his hometown in Minor League Baseball.

1) The player has to be good enough to be drafted.

2) The player must be selected by a team with a minor-league affiliate in or around his hometown, or have a team near his hometown in the league he’s in. (The case with Wright.)

3) The player must then excel at a level which sees him promoted to where he can reach that league.

If Wright continues to play well within the Reds system, he could end up back in his old college town of Louisville. Cincinnati’s Triple-A affiliate, the Bats, is situated in The Derby City.

Here’s LaMond Pope’s write-up on Wright in The Journal Gazette.


My office at Parkview Field is up in the pressbox, and I’m not the only one who’s up here during the day. Across the way is TinCaps Video Production Manager Melissa Darby. She’s in charge of our TV broadcasts, in addition to everything you see on the video board. Today we get to know Melissa in the TinCaps Report Podcast, as she tells us about DJ TinCat, and what it’s like up in the “nerve center” during a game:


I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little redecorating around my office. I even painted out radio station’s logo on the wall!

Painting a corner...harder than it looks.

Ok, not really. That’s just the reflection through the window at 7 AM in the press box. With the 11 AM start time on Wednesday, you get to see a new side of Parkview Field. Oh, and getting all blinking yellow traffic lights on the way into work didn’t hurt either.


As someone who travels for a significant portion of the year, my computer is near and dear to me as my link to the world when I’m on the road. It’s also a great way to catch up with any TV shows or clips from late night TV that I’d missed when calling a ballgame.

Sites like Hulu are great for seeing the latest skit from “Saturday Night Live” (Andy Samberg, anyone?) or catching up with “Parks and Recreation” (Treat. Yo. Self.), and Brian Stelter of The New York Times writes about the crossroads that the online streaming site has reached:

“At a presentation on Thursday in New York, Hulu, created as a service for watching network television online, will pitch advertisers on original programming in an annual ritual known as upfronts that are typically reserved for cable channels and network broadcasters.

As an online television destination, Hulu is something of a teenager now, sometimes tolerating feuding parents and succeeding perhaps in spite of them. Hulu is growing steadily, despite disagreements among its corporate owners, and the new restrictions those owners have placed on free streaming of network shows.”

Those disagreements boil down to: How do we monetize something online? While news sites have gone the route of the paywall, will video sites do the same, rather than just showing pre-roll advertisements? It’s a new frontier, folks.


Deep Purple…Take It Away!

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hmm.. I’d rather watch commercials than pay for shows on Hulu!

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