Live from South Bend, It’s Monday Night!

Two days late and 701 miles northwest, but who’s counting right? Tonight it’ll be fun to see the TinCaps in action for the first time outside of Parkview Field. It’s off to South Bend, Indiana for a three-game set with the Silver Hawks at Coveleski Stadium. The Silver Hawks are 1-2, just like the TinCaps, in the early going.

The ballpark in South Bend is named after Stanley Coveleski, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He played for the Philadelphia Athletics, the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Senators and the New York Yankees. For those of you that are avid theater fans, you’ll also note that Mr. Coveleski played for the two teams featured in Damn Yankees, the Senators and the Yankees. (Story for another day: I played old Joe Boyd in my middle school production of the play. For everyone’s sake, I hope no film exists of my rendition of “Goodbye, Old Girl”. You could say I would sell my soul to the devil to ensure it. Zing!)


Silver Hawks Manager Mark Haley encountered some some serious health problems in the off-season:

“Haley, 52, was admitted to South Bend Memorial Hospital on Dec. 24 after experiencing urinary tract and abdominal pain. Initially it was thought that this pain was related to back surgery that Haley had undergone earlier that week, but further testing revealed a ruptured bowel. He underwent surgery Dec. 29 to remove a portion of his bowel and is currently in the intensive care unit as he begins the long road to recovery.”

Having met Haley last year, I was very nervous when I read about that. He’ll be in the dugout tonight as the TinCaps and Silver Hawks Square off. Mark is a tremendous individual, and he’s just started his eighth year as the skipper in South Bend. Some might say, “Eight years, isn’t that a long time?” Yes, it is, but Haley lives in South Bend with his family in the offseason and told me last year that he really enjoys teaching the players at this level. He does it, as they say, for the love of the game.

Click here for a story on his recovery.


The great sportswriter Joe Posnanski, formerly of Sports Illustrated, penned his final column for the magazine following the Masters on Sunday.

Joe is one of the legendary writers of our time. I had the pleasure of meeting him during the summer of 2010, when I was working for the Syracuse Chiefs. Joe was with us in Rochester, N.Y. as Strasburg made a start against the Rochester Red Wings. My radio partner at the time, Jason Benetti, along with a few other folks had a great dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (best BBQ on earth, for my money) and talking with Joe was a pretty neat experience.

Joe is moving on to a joint venture with MLB and USA Today. I look forward to reading his work once the new job begins.


Gavin DeGraw…take it away!

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