Greetings and Salutations

Hi there, I’m Mike Couzens and I’m the new broadcaster for the Fort Wayne TinCaps.

To tell you a bit about myself, I’ll start with where I’ve been most recently. I just moved to Indiana after serving as the radio play-by-play voice for the women’s basketball team at the University of Vermont. Prior to working in the Green Mountain State, in 2011 I was the assistant broadcaster for the Dayton Dragons, a division-mate of the TinCaps in the Midwest League. In 2010, I served in a similar role for the Syracuse (N.Y.) Chiefs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals. During my time as a broadcaster, I’ve had the privilege of calling not only basketball and baseball, but also lacrosse, soccer, hockey and volleyball.

I’m originally from White Plains, NY, a northern suburb of New York City, and studied at Syracuse University. (What I usually don’t tell people is that it was the only school I applied to. Don’t try that at home.) Indiana is the fifth state that I’ve lived in, and I’m really excited about being here. In the first 24 hours or so, I discovered that I live within a mile of a grocery store, gym, and possibly best of all—multiple coffee shops. (If you enjoy Hazelnut or French Vanilla, we’re going to be friends in no time.)

I know I’ve got big shoes to fill as I become the new author of this blog. “It’s All Relative” will be a chance for you to connect with the team and to find out things that might not make it on the air each night whether on television or the radio. Dan Watson’s tenure with “The Watson Files” was equally entertaining and informative, and I hope to bring the same mix to what you’ll read here. As we go on through the Countdown to Opening Day, I’ll check in with you here and then. Once we hit Opening Day, I’ll have fresh TinCaps info for you every day. This means that, yes, I will even check in with you on off days. I’ll be continuing the tradition of the TinCaps Report Podcast, and I’m looking to sprinkle in a few new features as well. The first of those just might have to be:


Twitter is big for me. It’s my main source for news, sports, entertainment, finding out what’s going on with my friends, etc. You can follow the team @TinCaps and if you’re feeling generous, you can follow me @MikeCouzens. That said, Twitter is also my main source for draining my cell phone battery. Apropos of that, I was in a cell phone store on Lima Road on Tuesday checking to see if I was available for an upgrade and then:


Maybe not surprising, but certainly intriguing. The Colts have the first pick in the April 26th NFL Draft, so if you’re a quarterback in Waco, Texas who has been named after his father and grandfather, I’d keep that cellphone nearby.


On Tuesday afternoon on Suite Level at Parkview Field, I was working up in the Press Box, when all of a sudden I heard some singing. Wondering what exactly was going on, I walked out to the Suite Lobby and came across this:


It was one the many talented folks who came out to audition for the chance to sing the national anthem at a home game this season. That means baseball is almost upon us.


I’m hoping to hear from you and find out what types of things you’re interested in hearing about as we venture on together into the 2012 season. I’ll be with the team both home and away, and want to make this season as fulfilling for you as a fan as it will be for the players who are in the beginning stages of chasing their lifelong dream of playing Major League Baseball.

After all, in the 2012 season, “It’s All About You” at Parkview Field, and the blog will be no different.

You can email me any time:

If you’ve got a musical guest you’d like to have featured on the blog, have at it. If there’s a player you’d like me to do a Q&A with, drop me a line. And if you want to know how many hot dogs the TinCaps sell in a season, I may raise an eyebrow, but I will gladly track down the answer for you.

So let’s have fun this season as we watch our favorite game during the warm nights of summer, get to know the players who will call Fort Wayne their home for a few months, and get to know each other.

Today’s musical guest: Martin Solveig. He says “Hello” as I say goodbye…for now!

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