July 2011

The TinCaps Report: 7/31

Closer Kevin Quackenbush recounts his best save as a professional (which happened nowhere near a baseball field) and the TinCaps hang on to beat Great Lakes, 10-7.

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The TinCaps Report: 7/29

TinCaps 2B Cory Spangenberg speaks about signing quickly, The Office and a suspicious change of his jersey number.

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I’ve been released

When the manager wants to see you in his office ASAP, that’s the baseball equivalent of a girl saying “I think we need to talk.” It’s usually not good. Or else someone’s pregnant. One or the other.

Well, today I got that message. They wanted to see me in the manager’s office. Luckily, nobody is pregnant (that I know of). I was hand-delivered a letter from one Gary Jones. And it’s right here.

Release letter

The end of the line.

Jonesy went on to share several baseball/life truths and we went our separate ways. I’m still puzzled as to how he was the one releasing me since the Padres don’t control the Bad Apple Dancers, but when Gary Jones tells you to stay out of the dugout, you’d darn well better listen.

Sigh… it was fun.

Musical guest… Boyz II Men!



Just a quick update since it’s been a while since I’ve written much… I’ve been dancing with these jokers the last couple of games and have been getting the business from one of the best baseball people around, Padres infield coordinator Gary Jones.

The gems so far:

“Why do you guys keep bringing this guy down here? Now all of a sudden he thinks he’s smooth!”

After I asked him to give me a 20-80 scouting grade on my dancing: “The scale don’t go low enough!”

After the dance when I told him it was an 85: “You so bad, they don’t even put your picture up on the video board!”

To Brent Harring, who was eating ice cream near the dugout: “Ain’t no party without ice cream, young man!”

Also, the TinCaps are playing well. Good starting pitching has been key – starters have gone at least five innings in 11 of their last 12 games.

Fact: it’s always funny to set people’s shoes on fire while they’re wearing them. I did this to a teammate during a high school game and it was one of the great pranks in high-school baseball history.

…and that’s all I have to say about that.

Musical guest… Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band!

Take care!


The TinCaps Report: 7/25

Manager Shawn Wooten talks birthdays, comebacks and the early days of Cory Spangenberg, then the TinCaps outpitch Quad Cities, 2-1.

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The TinCaps Report: 7/24

Wes Cunningham piled up six RBIs including the game-winner in the ninth as the TinCaps beat Quad Cities, 8-7.

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The TinCaps Report: 7/23

Padres Director of Player Development Randy Smith talks about the heat, the TinCaps and the Triple-A series. Trivia: Did you know it was his idea to use the “Back to the Future” theme for the Triple-A series? Marketing genius!

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The TinCaps Report: 7/21

Emmanuel Quiles tells us how he stays cool behind the plate, then helps the TinCaps to a 7-5 win over Cedar Rapids.

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The TinCaps Report: 7/16

Pitching coach Willie Blair updates us on the progress of the TinCaps’ arms, then Fort Wayne wins a wild one in Burlington.

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The TinCaps Report: 7/14

The TinCaps snag a win in Burlington as Rymer Liriano and Connor Powers homer in the same inning and Mark Hardy fires six strong innings.

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