Ludicrous speed… GO!

Yesterday was the day everything starts to speed up. The team got to the ballpark for the first time, got their uniforms, had media day (interviews, photos, etc.) and a workout. And an acoustic guitar session in the clubhouse. Same old stuff.

In the “not-same-old-stuff” category, unbeknownst to me (but knownst to, this year our streaming audio will apparently be available on your favorite iProducts in addition to computers. So we’ve got that going for us, I guess.

Random thoughts:

  • The rosters for Triple-A Tucson and Advanced-A Lake Elsinore are updated on their sites. Double-A San Antonio doesn’t look like it’s updated yet.
  • Former TinCaps RHP Mat Latos pitched a simulated game against minor-leaguers and looked good. Also, the team has three days off in the first week of the season. I wish the minor leagues had a week like that.
  • The San Diego version of Jeff “KoKo” Greer has been working for months on new stuff for the PETCO Park video board. Our version of KoKo has some new stuff up his sleeve, too.
  • Native San DiegooouanSan Diegoite… San Diegan RHP Aaron Harang will start the Padres’ home opener.
  • Tony Gwynn is making adjustments after his bout(s) with cancer.
  • Former Fort Wayne RHP Jake Peavy will rehab at Double-A on Friday.
  • I can’t find video of it anywhere (thanks a lot, video editors), but former Fort Wayne 3B David Freese made a pretty incredible play for the Cardinals last night: dove toward the hole to snag a grounder, threw to first from the seat of his pants and got the runner at first.
  • There’s an article about the top prospects coming to the Midwest League this year, but at least two of them (Michael Choice, LeVon Washington) aren’t on MWL rosters. Odd.
  • Flavor Flav will appear at a Midwest League game. Why wouldn’t he?
  • When it comes to calling prospects to the big leagues, service time plays a big part in the decision-making process.
  • Rangers RHP Brandon Webb plunked three guys in a simulated game. I can’t remember the last time there was a positive report about him.
  • Kevin Millar had some things to say about Lou Piniella’s last Spring Training with the Cubs.
  • Joe Posnanski ranks the top 32 players in the big leagues.
  • The wife of the Marlins’ owner is writing a book about baseball players’ cooking abilities. She clearly stole my idea.
  • Can you remember a less-athletic (but still productive) Division-I basketball player than Butler’s Matt Howard? He probably spent half of the game last night sprawled out on the floor.

Musical guest… Blue Oyster Cult!

Take care!


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