A full-frontal media assault

If you’ve read any generic “here’s what’s been happening lately” news/feature-ish stories lately, you know that information is coming at you faster than ever. The news cycle lasts four hours instead of four days. Stories are thrown away like… something you throw away after a really short amount of time. Even commercials aren’t immune, as we found out with the Dwight Howard SportsCenter spot (it’s outstanding, but it only lasted a week! What are we doing here?).

Well, guess what, bro-chacho… Get ready for even more short-term, self-serving promotion through media that may or may not exist in three years. This blog, TinCaps game recaps, podcasts, press releases – almost literally everything I do at work – is about to make Twitter even dumber.

Just to be clear, if you’re not into the tweeting, everything will still be in its normal spot. Twitter is just a one-stop place to point people to everything. Still, for all the ripping I do against it, I have been swept (by association) into the Twittersphere. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the shower washing off my shame for the next three hours.

Random thoughts:

  • TinCaps single-game tickets are on sale now. If you want tickets to the Triple-A series, go here.
  • Fort Wayne alum RHP Mat Latos is predictably catching heat for his “I hate SF” autographs. He’s being accepted by his teammates now, which wasn’t always the case. Latos threw live batting practice yesterday.
  • Fort Wayne alum OF Will Venable has changed his stance from last year. He’ll probably hit leadoff this year. Last year, Padres leadoff hitters had a .302 OBP. That’s abysmal. Venable’s OBP was .324 overall, .341 when he was in the top spot.
  • Padres RHP Mike Adams needs all of spring training to get his mechanics right.
  • INF Jorge Cantu grew up in Mexico, which helps the Padres connect with their fans just across the border.
  • Padres scouting director Jaron Madison went through a lot to get to his current job.
  • Former MWLer Dee Gordon says his two favorite parks are in our league.
  • Red Sox prospect OF Ryan Westmoreland is swinging a bat in his recovery from brain surgery. When his brain condition was first diagnosed, the doctors didn’t know if he’d ever play again. Before that, he was the top prospect in the organization.
  • Twins 1B Justin Morneau is still recovering from his concussion and hopes to be ready by opening day. The weirdest part about it is, the original collision didn’t look that serious, but it obviously was.
  • Jayson Stark has the list of guys who pitched at least 10 MLB seasons and never had a losing record. Urban Shocker and Spud Chandler are two names on that list. If at least one of those names doesn’t make you giggle, we can’t be friends.
  • Two senators want to ban smokeless tobacco in MLB. It’s already against the rules in the minors, but that rule is about as well-enforced as the speed limit on the highway. Nationals RHP Stephen Strasburg is already trying to quit.
  • Justine Siegal became the first woman to throw batting practice to an MLB team. I don’t know many people who actually WANT to throw BP to anyone other than their own kids, so I’d think a lot of people would welcome her.
  • When did people start calling Hank Steinbrenner “Boy George“?
  • Hank went off on “socialism” in baseball. When your team is the one paying $130 million in luxury tax, these are the kinds of things you say.
  • Alex Rodriguez had been waiting weeks to drop this joke on the media.
  • Ask BA touches on the top draft prospects and how they did in the first week of college baseball.
  • Yesterday was President’s Day. Fact: my favorite president is Lincoln. People from THIS COUNTRY were lining up in fields by the thousands and shooting each other, and he held it together. He’s the only president who’s had that happen, right?
  • Would you just watch this video again? Please?
  • Former TinCaps strength guy Rick SantaBarbara asked me to write something for his “trying to be the best at exercising” blog. Obviously he wants a true expert on the subject.

Musical guest… INXS!

Take care!


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