How thaw-tful

It’s warm again today. Almost 50 degrees. Which is the exact number of days until opening day at Parkview Field. What a coincidence!

Random thoughts:

  • Fort Wayne alum Wade LeBlanc is going for the fifth spot in the Padres’ rotation.
  • The Padres’ bullpen is different from last year, but still strong.
  • RHP Aaron Harang is trying to revive his career at Petco Park. It’s a prime spot to do it.
  • If A.J. Burnett doesn’t turn it around soon, it seems like he’ll be the Yankees’ version of Oliver Perez: Good stuff but no command and kind of crazy.
  • Fort Wayne alum 2B Matt Antonelli did an interview with FanGraphs, touching on his struggles, his injuries, his blog, moving to the Nationals organization and Buca di Beppo. He’s homeboys with former TinCaps strength guy Rick SantaBarbara. Literally. They grew up in the same neighborhood.
  • Oakland INF prospect Jeremy Barfield took a job driving a limo this off-season. He’s Fort Wayne alum Josh Barfield’s brother and former big-leaguer Jesse Barfield’s son.
  • Opinion: Albert Pujols is the best hitter in the game, but if he gets exactly what he wants in his next contract, it’ll hamstring the organization like Alex Rodriguez’s contract did to the Rangers. And it took a while for the Rangers to dig out of that hole.
  • Barry Bonds sure didn’t pick his entourage very well. Guilty or not, who tapes conversations about their friends?
  • Fort Wayne alum and now-legendary author Dirk Hayhurst puts his job as a baseball player in perspective and has the Ten Commandments for athletes on social media.
  • The winner of the Westminster Dog Show was something called a Scottish deerhound. Which means the black labs got hosed again.
  • The TinCaps are again competing in The Brain Game, which is a quiz bowl/fund raiser. I plan on doing exactly what Watson did last night on Jeopardy: Second round domination.
  • When I promise you something, I deliver (a few days later). Remember when I suggested that John Mayer looked like Jack White and Johnny Depp? Decide for yourself (click to expand):


Told you.

Musical guest… Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears (again)!

Take care!


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