You don’t have to go home

Lately, MLB Network has been running all kinds of countdown shows to pass the time before actual baseball starts (which is soon). Maybe my favorite of all was the “50 Greatest Ejections” show. Because I love a good public tantrum. And because some days, managers just want to shake things up.

My five favorite baseball ejections of all time are:

5. Lloyd McClendon steals a base… as a manager – Because when you physically take a base out of the ground and walk off with it, you’re asking for it.

4. TinCaps hitting coach Tom Tornincasa publicly humiliates umpire – Because when you call timeout, draw lines about four inches to each side of home plate to show where you think the umpire’s strike zone is, then walk back to the first-base coaches’ box like nothing happened, you’re asking for it. Months later, we found out manager Doug Dascenzo went to the umpire to try and smooth things out and asked, “You threw him out? What did he do?”

3. Padres manager ejected during pre-game exchange of lineup cards – Because when you deliver the videotape of a “missed” call from the day before to an umpire, you’re asking for it.

2. Mississippi Braves manager goes all Rambo – Because when you throw the rosin bag like a grenade, you’re asking for it.

1. Lou Piniella holds a one-man placekicking exhibition – Because when it’s your 14th birthday and Indians tickets are impossible to get, you’re happy to see any game. But when you get to see MLB Network’s 5th-best ejection in the video era in person, that’s the stuff legends are made of.

Random thoughts:

  • Johnny’s Valentine’s Day deliveries have been popular. So popular that he’s now booked. You snooze, you lose, bubba.
  • Spring training in Florida is inferior to spring training in Florida, mostly because of travel time between complexes. This isn’t what we call “hard news,” but it’s worth pointing out.
  • Remember that story about Rafael Soriano saving the Yankees’ off-season? Well, Andy Pettitte’s retiring. So forget about all that.
  • The Giants will give prospect Brandon Belt a shot to make the big-league team. Prediction: If Buster Posey didn’t do it (for arbitration reasons mostly), Belt won’t.
  • Nothing like a good “I wish we would have drafted so-and-so” session. In this edition, the Brewers wish they had had the chance to draft Mike Trout. Them and about 28 other teams.
  • San Francisco is weird.
  • Somebody ranked the best and worst baserunners in MLB. I won’t pretend to know how they figure this out, but it’s fun to look at.

Musical guest… Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears!

Have a great weekend!


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