I heard the news today; oh boy

I think the cold weather has shrank my creativity for the day, so let’s just go right into what you’re really here for.

Random thoughts:

  • Tim Kurkjian writes a REALLY good article about a Royals scout in Colombia. Fun fact: This scout signed Sugar Ray Marimon, who was in the MWL last year.
  • MLB.com rates the top 10 outfield prospects in the minors. I guess I’m mildly surprised former TinCap Jaff Decker didn’t make it, but he was injured last year.
  • The Dodgers’ Top 10 prospects list is up at Baseball America. Lots of recent MWLers on that one.
  • A 23-year-old college infielder who, in his spare time, is the mayor of a Minnesota town. Yawn.
  • Jayson Stark has the All-Underrated team. Which may lead to them ceasing to be underrated.
  • This is at least a year away from being decided, but here’s another suggestion
    to realigning baseball’s divisions and changing the playoff selection.
    Two divisions in each league, take the division champions and the next
    two best records in each league. Fine.
  • Any article that graphs Brian Wilson’s beard-to-awesomeness ratio is good by me.
  • A few Detroit Tigers were in an awkward-at-best dance-off. Fact: Jose Valverde is enormous.
  • Justin Verlander’s shaking things up this off-season to try to change his early-season luck.
  • A few Mets hung out with the New York Fire Department.
  • I’m starting to think MiLB.com publishes these mailbags to make fun of their own fans. Well, not their own, but you know what I mean.
  • I stumbled upon a Fangraphs article about the role of sports reporters and the difficulty of doing their job well. Objectivity is an issue in the era of dying newspaper/radio/local TV sports coverage and media companies paying teams/leagues for the right to broadcast. I think the most common problem for reporters on any medium is when they forget how difficult it is to play sports at a high level, which is why I love it when coaches invite reporters to a day of training camp. When you’re fair and give the athlete the benefit of the doubt, chances are you’ll do just fine. Now, if you want to talk about the retired athlete-turned-analysts… That’s a whole other discussion. But at the end of it all, it’s just reporting on kids’ games. This isn’t Watergate we’re talking about.
  • How blown out of proportion would this get if it happened in the U.S.?
  • Maybe a challenger to ESPN? Interesting.
  • A grown man playing with legos isn’t nearly as lame as you’d think it would be.
  • A grown woman falling into a fountain while texting, on the other hand, is exactly as lame as you’d think it would be. What are we doing with our lives when we have to talk about the dangers of texting while walking? I don’t think I’m a bad person for thinking it’s funny, but the Mystery Science Theater narration on the actual YouTube video is pretty mean-spirited.
  • “Chef to the Stars” Scott Kammerer asked me yesterday how many times he has to appear on the blog before he achieves Alec-Baldwin-on-SNL status. I hope he meant pre-Will Ferrel leaving SNL, otherwise that’s about as nasty of an insult as there is.

Musical guest… Neil Young!

Have a great weekend!


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