Spring isn’t here… yet

Based on the nonstop snow that’s been falling for the last two hours or so, you’d think we were in the dead of winter. But guess what, bucko… We’re not too far away from spring training and I have proof.

Geoff Young at Ducksnorts has his Top 20 Padres prospects for this year. Looks fine to me.

AND… Friar Forecast has a preview of who they think will be in Lake Elsinore in 2011. Prediction: At least one of Edinson Rincon, Everett Williams and Jonathan Galvez will be back in Fort Wayne to start 2011. Jedd Gyorko’s glove (and age, and approach at the plate) should make him the starter at third base in Lake Elsinore. The only way Rincon goes there at the same time is if the Padres decide to start his transition to playing LF/DH and he occasionally plays 3B to give Gyorko a day off. If that happens, then it’s tough to imagine Williams going to Lake Elsinore and splitting time with Rincon in a LF/DH platoon. He needs to improve his routes in the outfield and when you’re trying to do that, splitting time isn’t ideal. I guess that makes Galvez the least likely to start here. His defense improved last season, but I’m not sure he’s ready just yet.

But I’m just the radio guy… what do I know?

Random thoughts:

  • Jason Bartlett will be a Padre for at least 2011 and 2012, just like Orlando Hudson. This buys time until Drew Cumberland and/or Everth Cabrera are ready to help in the big leagues. I don’t see much wrong with giving them too much time in the minors. Sure beats rushing them.
  • Today is an opening day of sorts. Why? Because it’s the first day I’ve found a “he’s in the best shape of his life!” article on a baseball player. And it might be the most preposterous one we’ll find all year. Ladies and gentlemen, Pablo Sandoval has lost 17 pounds!  Haven’t we heard this one before?
  • Only Fangraphs would investigate the actual results of players who have had “he’s in the best shape of his life!” articles written about them. Beautiful.
  • And an article on the most critical bunts of 2010. You know I love bunts.
  • As if Cleveland needed more articles like this. The Indians aren’t good and they won’t be good for at least a few years. Thanks for reminding us. Also, Travis Hafner is making $28 million over the next two years to DH five times a week. Sigh.
  • Edgar Renteria to the Reds seems a step down from Orlando Cabrera until you realize that Cabrera had a .303 OBP last year.
  • Kerry Wood taking less money gave the Cubs the money to trade for/pay Matt Garza.
  • Jim Leyland’s son got invited to the Tigers’ MLB spring training. Apparently he’s kind of good (8th-round draftee out of high school).
  • The Rangers are going after a home-run hitter to DH. Can you imagine how controversial all their moves would have been if Michael Young was the typical “don’t sign anybody good because it’ll hurt my feelings” guy?
  • College football makes less and less sense to me every day. The whole “amateur athlete” idea is preposterous when you hear about the gift packages these guys get at bowl games. I’m not talking about sweatsuits and hats. I’m talking about PS3s, recliners, Blu-ray players. How is OK for these guys to accept those things from bowl organizers but it’s not OK to accept them from anyone else?
  • Really, Brent Musburger?
  • Also, my fantasy ending to last night’s game would’ve gone something like this… Musburger: “…And Auburn wins the BCS National Championship!” (Lights in the dome go out, everyone goes silent for a moment, then we hear this. Pandemonium ensues.) Musburger: “What the… What is this?!? That’s TCU’s fight song!” (Video board shows TCU coach Gary Patterson standing on the ramp to the field wearing sunglasses with the entire team behind him. We see Cam Newton, still nursing injuries from the game, limp/spin around near the trophy stage to watch the video board in horror). Tom Rinaldi: “Gary Patterson, what in the world are you doing here?” Patterson (yanking the microphone out of Rinaldi’s hand): “You know, Tom Rinaldi… I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment… to stand up and crash this — quote-unquote — party. But the way I see it is… We’re only crashing the party because we weren’t invited!” Rinaldi (who has strangely found another microphone): “You can’t be suggesting what I think you’re are!?!” Patterson: You bet your pencil-neck butt, Rinaldi! Gene Chizik… Cam Newton… You think you’re champions because you went undefeated? Well so did we! You’ve been ducking us for too long! We want our shot at glory! We want our shot at the title!” BCS Commissioner John Swafford (on stage next to the BCS trophy): “Now hold on just one minute, Patterson! I’m the one running this show! And no second-class pretender is going to come in here demanding title matches while I’m around!” Out of nowhere, someone says: “Your days of running things are over, Swafford!” (Out of the darkness comes a shadowy figure wearing a flowing robe. A spotlight shows who it is. The crowd goes insane.) Musburger: “My goodness! It’s NCAA President Mark Emmert!” Emmert: “The BCS has turned college football into a laughingstock, and I’ve had enough! I’m taking back what’s rightfully mine! College football WILL have a true national champion! Next year, we’re having a playoff. But until then, Chizik, get your team ready… You’re playing TCU for the REAL national championship… And as for you, Swafford… I’ll see YOU at the Royal Rumble! In a steel cage! Loser… leaves… town!” (Drops microphone, runs down the ramp, dives head-first onto the stage, stands nose-to-nose with Swafford, then after a series of jabs, powerbombs Swafford through a table holding the BCS trophy. He flexes while fireworks go off behind him, swivels his hips, dives back off the stage, then runs back up the ramp as the Shawn Michaels theme song plays. Patterson and the TCU players have to be restrained while woofing halfway down the ramp. Bewildered Auburn players look at each other. The crowd is so loud, the building is shaking. Musburger has been mysteriously replaced by
    WWF announcer Jim Ross: “College football has been rocked to its core! It’s pandemonium in Phoenix! The New World Order has company! The NCAA is back! TCU and Auburn will decide it on the field! Unbelievable!” (We see a low-angle camera shot of a semi-conscious Swafford laying on the awards stage. As the camera zooms out, we see the crystal football from the BCS trophy ominously broken into hundreds of pieces. Fade to black)
  • Wow, did that derail in a hurry. This is what happens when you watch too much pro wrestling as a child.

Musical guest… The WWF Superstars!

Take care!


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