The Meat Monster

Tonight is the last Ohio State football game of the year, so a bunch of us will be enjoying an annual tradition unlike any other: the 29-inch party pizza, best known for dwarfing many large objects including Tony DesPlaines’ bulbous head. This year, we’re putting a new twist on things by ordering The Meat Monster, which features six meats. This pizza is so large, it’ll be delivered by helicopter onto the back yard. I’m so excited, I might try to trade an autographed Otterbein College baseball jersey to pay for the pizza.

Random thoughts:

  • While I’m on the topic of food, if you ever get a chance to try polenta, do it. It’s cornmeal-ish, but it can be in several different textures. I enjoy it when it’s bread-like and mashed potato-like. But if somebody else is cooking, I’ll eat it however it’s served.
  • I enjoy my polenta with breakfast. Easily the best meal of the day, especially when enjoyed with Tom Lasorda, according to the L.A. Times.
  • I don’t think I ever linked to this: Another Padres top prospect list, complete with grades. RHP Simon Castro and OF Jaff Decker are ranked second and third, respectively.
  • Brad Hawpe passed his physical and officially signed with the Padres. He says he could always see the ball well at Petco Park during his days with the Rockies, which is good for San Diego. Apparently the Padres wanted him during last season, but didn’t get him.
  • Here’s a breakdown of the Padres’ off-season moves. One thing I sometimes forget is this: The top of the order had a REALLY hard time setting the table last year. If Will Venable and Jason Bartlett (both .324 OBPs last year) get on base at all and can go first-to-third on singles like nobody’s business (I’m not a scout so I’m not sure how likely that is), that creates a lot of problems for the opposition.
  • The Royals invited their whole slew of prospects to big-league spring training. Also invited: Fort Wayne alum INF Lance Zawadzki, who played in 20 MLB games in 2010.
  • Former MWLer Carlos Gonzalez is about to become very rich. But assuming he stays healthy, 7 years/$80 million is a complete and utter bargain for the Rockies. He gave us the best finish to a game this past year (in my opinion), completing the cycle with a 900-foot game-winning home run on a letter-high fastball.
  • There were some incredible rookies in 2010: Jason Heyward, Mike Stanton, Buster Posey, Ike Davis, Carlos Santana, Stephen Strasburg, Neftali Feliz, Starlin Castro… How will they follow it up?
  • Michael Young is willing to change positions if it means staying with the Rangers. Again. This guy seems like one of the best team-first guys around.
  • Did you know John Wilkes Booth was one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite actors? And there was also a plan to assassinate the vice president and secretary of state at the same time? The VP’s assassin chickened out and the secretary of state survived because the assassin’s gun jammed, then a neck brace (he was recovering from a carriage accident) kept the stab wounds away from his major arteries. Heard that last night on the History Channel. Amazing.
  • Equally amazing (sort of): Ohio State keeps letting Terrelle Pryor talk to the media. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if, years from now, we find out he was secretly a genius crime fighter who took up football, masqueraded as a dope and called out national sports analysts for never beating Michigan, all in an effort to clean up big-time college sports once and for all?
  • Did you see the Stanford band last night? What a bunch of whack jobs. In retrospect, it’s not all that surprising they ran onto the field way back in the day.
  • 40 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

Musical guest… Warren Zevon!

Take care!


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