20-oh-11: The Weirdest Yet?

Which is weirder: an earthquake in Indiana or running outdoors on January 1 in Fort Wayne? Because they both happened in the past week. The end is near, I tell you.

Random thoughts:

  • Here’s one man’s guess at the TinCaps’ 2011 opening day position players. I think there will be more players than just Rymer Liriano returning from last year’s lineup, but I’m just the radio guy.
  • Question from the San Diego newspaper:
    Could the Padres be better offensively in 2011 without Adrian Gonzalez?
    Interesting question to think about. It’s absolutely a more balanced
    lineup and less dependent on any one person, but people are going to
    realize soon that Gonzalez is one of the best players in the game. I
    think the offense depends on two things: staying healthy and embracing
    the small-ball philosophy. If those two things happen, San Diego will
    have a shot.
  • TinCaps mascot Johnny shows his fun side (and his deep, brooding side) in a holiday photo shoot chronicled by legendary author Ben Hill.
  • Reason #5,792 why Twitter is stupid while in the hands of evil doers.
  • You know I love bunts (and productive outs) more than any reasonable person should. Here’s a really good article analyzing who the best bunters are in MLB. Hint: they only bunt because they aren’t good hitters.
  • Winter baseball is still going on. Former TinCaps RHP Stiven Osuna is having a nice winter in the Venezuelan League. Former MWLer Dee Gordon had a good year in the Puerto Rican League… Now he’s back in the states lifting weights.
  • Mike Sarbaugh is the Minor League Manager of the Year according to Baseball America. I met him in the Eastern League in 2008. He’s good people.
  • Northwest Arkansas was Team of the Year. No real surprise there. But then again, I thought the Orioles would be destroying the opposition last year in MLB because their Double-A team was awesome in 2008.
  • The Red Sox will have a lame competition to see who their situational lefty will be… Hideki Okajima, Rich Hill, Andrew Miller, Felix Doubront and Lenny DiNardo are in the mix. Raise your hand if you knew Rich Hill was still in baseball.
  • Rafael Palmeiro was good without PEDs… You know, if he actually took them.
  • Peter Gammons and his underrated/overlooked stories of 2010.
  • MLB Network had a countdown of the best broadcasting calls of the 2010 season. Three of the top 15 were by Hawk Harrelson. Uh, what?
  • The Browns firing Eric Mangini is like firing a NASCAR driver after he drives a Mini Cooper to a 25th-place finish. He might not be a great coach, but two years isn’t long enough to evaluate that and the Browns don’t have anywhere near the talent they need to compete in that division. Yet. They’re better than they were last year. Two more good drafts and we’ll see where they’re at. And if you fire a coach who hasn’t lost the team, you’d better have an upgrade on the way.
  • Is it any wonder TCU went undefeated this year? They had two key players named Dalton and Wesley. Somewhere, Patrick Swayze is doing Tai Chi on the back lawn and smiling.

Musical guest… Blues Traveler!

Take care!


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