End-of-year awards

Awards are like poems… They’re for sissies, and no one wants to hear about ’em. I guess they’re kind of like 90 percent of college bowl games.

Did you know there are FOUR country music awards shows during the year, not counting the Grammys?

Did you also know that every year, lame music/movies get awards because of how “deep and artistically brilliant” they are while the movies/music normal people (i.e. you and me) actually enjoy get hosed?

Did you have ANY IDEA that Taylor Swift won the Grammy for Best Album AND that God-awful Kings of Leon song got one for Best Rock Song last year?!?

Well, I thought I’d done my Watson Files Awards Show-Palooza already this year, but apparently I haven’t. So here goes…

Best Book I’ve Read This Year:
Shutter Island. I’d been wanting to watch the movie but hadn’t. I’d been wanting to read a non-baseball book during the season. Worlds collided and the results were fantastic. Fun to read, tough to put down.

Honorable Mention: Lies My Teacher Told Me. If you like history but don’t get a lot of time to read about it, this is the book. I probably learned more interesting things in 464 pages than I did in 17 years of school. Also: Young Patriots. It’s the story of how the Constitution came to be.

Best Movie I Saw This Year:
Inception. And it’s not even close. If you don’t love it, we’re not friends anymore.

Worst Movie I Saw This Year:
The Town. It’s so bad, I feel it’s my civic duty to tell you NOT to see it. So bad. Just trust me on this one. And it’s not even the whole “robbing large banks isn’t plausible in 2010” thing. I enjoyed “Inside Man,” which is about a bank robbery in New York. It’s just that the plot/writing is horrible. Ben Affleck was one of the writers. Coincidence?

Best Movie I Saw on a Bus This Year:

The Book of Eli. In reality, it’s a pretty average movie, but minor-league baseball bus movies must ooze machismo, so the selections are limited. And this one is fairly easily viewed on a small screen. And I like most Denzel Washington movies anyway.

(Side note: Why did Razor Ramon speak with an accent, then the same guy lost the accent when he was renamed Scott Hall? Pro wrestling: Where racism happens.)

Worst Movie I Saw on a Bus This Year:
Can I vote for “Crank 2” again, even though I saw it in 2009? Yes. Because it’s my blog.

Best Musical Discovery This Year:
The Black Keys. This was the toughest choice so far and I think being from Ohio put them over the top. They’re good.

Honorable mention: Ben Folds. Not sure how I missed out for so long, but he has to be one of the most talented performers around right now. His language can become offensive, though. Also, OK Go, just for their videos.

Random thoughts:

  • The Padres are bringing in one of the Cardinals’ top people. So they’ve got them going for them.
  • I thought it never rained in San Diego.
  • The Tigers are hiring what seems to be cheerleaders/a glorified street team. It’s been tried in some minor-league parks with mostly “ehh” results. It doesn’t really hurt anything but it doesn’t really add anything, either. Baseball just isn’t a cheerleader kind of game.
  • If you have to think too hard about what to nickname someone/something, it’s destined for lameness. The Phillies’ rotation as “The Un-Four-Gettables” is historically bad.
  • The Nationals’ Top 10 Prospect list is up on Baseball America. Spoiler alert: Bryce Harper is good.
  • From Buster Olney: RHP Alex Colome, who pitched for Bowling Green this year, is getting good reviews in winter ball. He got good reviews from the TinCaps’ pitching staff when they were charting him, too, whatever that’s worth. Buster also says the Padres are considering a platoon at first base, with Russell Branyan and Fort Wayne alum Kyle Blanks splitting time. That would save some cash.
  • If you’re talking about making a dish for a Christmas get-together (or any other occasion, for that matter), isn’t “making homemade pie” redundant? Are people just fishing for compliments about their cooking when they use the “homemade” line? If it’s store-bought and you’re just heating it up, you’re not really “making” anything.
  • This is the kind of things Allan Wertheimer sends to me on a daily basis: Alligators eating kayakers in the Congo.
  • Reason #4,917 why coaches should put a gag order on Twitter for all athletes.
  • Reason #4,918 why coaches should put a gag order on Twitter for all athletes.
  • When did it become OK to report on things people post on Twitter?
  • That episode of Seinfeld where Jerry forgot to return Tropic of Cancer to the library wasn’t that far off. Apparently Detective Bookman moved to Michigan.
  • Watched the Las Vegas Bowl last night. Brent Musburger set the world record for earliest mention of the point spread in broadcast history. It was probably the second sentence of the entire broadcast. How much would you have paid to follow Brent around Vegas for three days, watching him bet on first-half over-unders for Mountain West women’s basketball games before breakfast?

This will probably be my last post of the year, so thanks for reading and I’ll check back early in January.

al guests… David Bowie and Bing Crosby!

Take care and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


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