ZiP it

If you’re into predicting baseball performance on computers, I give you the San Diego Padres 2011 ZiPS projections!

Keep in mind the projections are obviously a little outdated with Jon Garland and Adrian Gonzalez both included. And they don’t take into account how much playing time people will likely get (I’d bet my life-size cardboard cut-out of Carlos Baerga that James Darnell doesn’t get 509 at-bats in the big leagues next year). And I hope Mat Latos pitches more than 126 innings. But you get the idea.

Speaking of zips, I’ll never understand why ziplining isn’t more popular. They’re usually outdoors (exception: American Gladiators), they’re usually in picturesque places, you get to climb trees, then you get to slide back toward the ground really fast. What’s not to like?

Random thoughts:

  • The Padres “traded” for Mariners C Rob Johnson, but he had been designated for assignment by Seattle. Meaning, San Diego probably won’t have to give up much (PTBNL or cash).
  • Fort Wayne alum (and Rick SantaBarbara posse member) Matt Antonelli signed a minor-league free-agent contract with the Nationals. Washington’s starters at second base last year? Alberto Gonzalez, Cristian Guzman (who’s a free agent), Adam Kennedy (also a free agent) and Danny Espinoza (who the Nationals like). So Antonelli could get a long look at least as an MLB backup in spring training.
  • In the latest MiLB transactions report, three things stick out to me: Ryan Harvey, who was a first-round draftee by the Cubs as an outfielder and could hit the holy crap out of the ball when he actually connected, has converted to pitching and signed with the Red Sox. Also, Ryan Wiegand, who struggled in the Midwest League for Bowling Green last year, was released by the Rays. He hit .324 in Rookie ball in 2009. Finally, Mark Prior signed a free-agent deal with the Yankees. More examples of the “you just never know”-ness of baseball.
  • The Yankees are paying $18 million in luxury tax this year. Which is insane, considering they are far from a complete team (they could use 2-3 more starting pitchers). The Red Sox are the only other team to have to pay, and it’s only $1.5 million.
  • What’s this? A feel-good story about the Yankees? Impossible!
  • Zack Greinke: one of the few honest interviews in sports.
  • Cubs radio play-by-play guy Pat Hughes signed on for five more years. He’s good. Really good.

Musical guest… Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton!

Take care!


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