It’s drafty!

It’s a good day when it’s 9 a.m. and you can follow a baseball draft. Not as good as a day that features hot breakfast, but you take the small victories when you can get them.

Anyway, that draft would be the Rule 5 Draft, where teams can pick players from other organizations. If you’re taken in the major-league phase of the draft, you have to stay on the MLB roster (or disabled list) for the entire next season or be offered back to your old organization.

In the MLB portion of the draft, the Padres took RHP George Kontos from the Yankees. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2009 and put up good numbers in his return in 2010 (until the Arizona Fall League). He could be an important pickup, especially if the trade for Jason Bartlett happens.

In the Triple-A phase, San Diego took 3B Jacob Blackwood, who was technically in the Giants organization. He was released by the Marlins in 2009, destroyed independent ball in 2010 (.331-31-86 to almost win the Northern League’s Triple Crown) and played in the Mexican League this fall after signing with San Francisco. According to this report, he’s 25 years old and played a lot of second base last year. The Padres could use middle infielders at the higher levels. Worth a shot, that’s for sure.

Fort Wayne alum OF Brad Chalk drafted in the minor-league phase by Pittsburgh. Which means he could get to Triple-A Indianapolis this year, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Random thoughts:

  • Jason Bartlett would be a really nice pickup for San Diego. He fills a need on the infield and even if he leaves when is contract is up (end of 2011), the Padres would get at least one draft pick for him. Hopefully by that point, Drew Cumberland would be ready to contribute in the big leagues.
  • It’s worth noting that the Padres have four open spots on their 40-man roster.
  • Almost forgot this story: When I was working at the mall store (the Orchard at Glenbrook Square) the other day, a lady (I didn’t catch her name) came in who had been Justin Germano‘s host mother when he played in Fort Wayne. Lately, Justin played a season in Japan, caught on with the Indians and got his shot in the big leagues. He’s living in Florida with his wife now and they just welcomed their first child into the world. The lady was sending a TinCaps newborn t-shirt to them. Good stuff.
  • Carl Crawford got a seven-year deal from the Red Sox. Seven years is a long time. They’ll be paying him until he’s 35, which isn’t terrible, but it also isn’t great considering Crawford is a speed guy; unless it’s Rickey Henderson, guys like that don’t usually age all that well.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t a center fielder defensively (Mike Cameron is, and he’s a good one) and J.D. Drew is making too much money to not play in right. They wouldn’t keep Ellsbury (or Cameron) around as a fourth outfielder, would they?
  • Prediction: By the time May rolls around, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford will have gone from “underappreciated” to “OK, Boston fans, we get it, they’re good” status. I might take Gonzalez over Mark Teixeira, straight up. He’s that good.
  • The Orioles grabbed J.J. Hardy from the Twins for a couple of minor-league pitchers. They finished strong last year with Buck Showalter taking over as manager, but their outlook isn’t nearly as good as it was this time two years ago. Their young guys haven’t hit it big yet, but Matt Wieters and some of the young pitchers still have hope.
  • Nolan Ryan wants to know what he has to do to get Cliff Lee back with Texas. I’d love it if Lee stayed away from New York just to spite the fans who spit at his wife, but money talks. It don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk, though.
  • Rolling Stone put out its Top 30 albums of 2010. I was tickled to see The Black Keys near the top. Kid Rock at 16 nearly invalidates the whole thing, though.
  • It wasn’t long ago that some front-office people from the Mad Ants basketball team hammered our front-office people in volleyball. Well, the next challenge in the World Series of Leisure Sports is bowling. Last night a few of us rolled some practice games. If we’re anywhere close to that good in sanctioned competition, the Ants are about to enter a world of pain.

Musical guest… The Spin Doctors!

Take care!


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