Fun with numbers

Some important numbers today:

44 – The latest ranking of The Watson Files in the MLB Pro Blogs standings. Which is five spots higher than last month. Which is, like, five times as many spots as it’s ever climbed in a single month. So we’ve got that going for us.

7 years, $126 million – Also known as Jayson Werth’s income for the forseeable future. Other definitions: The kiss of death. Did you realize it’s the very same terms of two other oppressively terrible contracts? Barry Zito. Vernon Wells. Jayson Werth. All in the 7/$126 club. Yikes.

(None of your business) – The number of birthdays my mom has celebrated, including the one today.

Random thoughts

  • In a totally tasteless attempt at humor, Abby Naas sent me an offensive photo of our mascot in the midst of a LeBron-esque activity. Hours earlier, Penny Wascovich told me she dreamed about dunking my head under bathwater. Which is gross. This is the effect I have on women.
  • Looks like the Padres are close to a deal with RHP Dustin Moseley, who has been the pitching version of a super utility man lately. Hasn’t been able to stick in the big leagues anywhere, but can start or relieve and will be 29 in a few weeks. He’s cheap and might just be a stopgap until guys like Simon Castro are ready. And Petco Park has a way of helping pitchers. Right, Jon Garland?
  • In an unintentionally related story, here’s a reminder of the value of “just average” players. They’re more important than you might think.
  • As you probably know, Matt Stairs is anything but “just average.” He discusses beer, pizza and NutriSystem.
  • Apparently the Padres have something like $10 million to spend
    if they want to get to a $40 million payroll. They do need about five
    players (1B, 2B, SS, C, P), so I’m not expecting any big (or medium)
  • If you think the money being thrown around this off-season is crazy, Albert Pujols is a free agent after the 2011 season. The Yankees and Red Sox (and Angels) have good first basemen which should keep the world from exploding, but still… God help us all.
  • The Cubs and White Sox have their first basemen for this year. Carlos Pena just seems too much like the first base, left-handed version of Mark Reynolds to me. He’s fine, but so inconsistent.
  • The roster moves get all the attention from the Winter Meetings, but a lot of work happens for minor-league teams. Everybody in the business goes to the Trade Show, which is the source of an incredible amount of free stuff. Just never reveal your identity to anyone, or you’ll get people calling to sell you stuff for the rest of your life.
  • Michael Wilbon wrote an article that looks suspiciously like this blog. How dare he. Everyone knows I invented the bulleted list. And the Internet. And “it’s not you, it’s me.”
  • Let me get this straight: Cam Newton’s dad broke the rules. His punishment was supposed to be “limited access” to the Auburn football program. Now, Auburn is getting his dad into the Heisman Trophy presentation. I think it would be pretty cold to NOT let a dad see his son accept an award like this. But what would you say… the punishment is?

Musical guest, the Beatles!

Take care!


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