Live from the mall, it’s Tuesday afternoon

Today I’m working at the Orchard team store at Glenbrook Square Mall (lubing the deals, as Kenny Powers might say). Those of you sickos who read this on a regular basis know that I avoid shopping near other people like everyone avoided The Noid back in the 80s. Clearly, I am not in my element.

Be that as it may, two retired guys just rolled into the store and started holding court. At the conclusion of the court-holding session, one of them asked me this:

“You’re a smart guy (debatable)… How many seconds are there in a year?”

I tried to remember that song about how many minutes are in a year, but then remembered musical theater isn’t really in my wheelhouse and gave up.

“There are 12 seconds in a year. January 2nd, February 2nd…”

I’ll be here all day, folks! Remember to tip your servers!

Random thoughts:

I love the Winter Meetings. So much news with snow on the ground!

  • Former Padres RHP Kevin Correia signed with the Pirates, which gives San Diego another supplemental first-round draft pick. Which means the Padres have five picks in the first 50 (or so) of the draft. This should mean good things for the TinCaps in 2012, if not sooner.
  • I caught an interview with San Diego manager Bud Black yesterday on
    the MLB Network. He said they’re probably not going to trade Heath Bell.
    You might wonder why not, since trading Gonzalez is basically
    starting/accelerating the rebuilding process. Here’s why: Bell’s fairly
    affordable, the demand for him isn’t as big as the demand for Gonzalez,
    and (most importantly) even when you’re not very good, you’ll have leads going to the ninth inning. You HAVE to win those games. Bell makes sure you you do that the vast majority of the time.
  • We might think Jayson Werth’s ridiculous new contract with the Nationals will only help Carl Crawford. We might be very wrong, says Jayson Stark. There’s only one team that makes a habit of giving those types of deals. You can guess which one.
  • The Nationals’ whole “we have to overpay because we stink” explanation of signing Werth doesn’t hold a whole lot of water. Do good teams get discounts on free agents because they’re good?
  • The Red Sox probably aren’t finished with their roster after the Adrian Gonzalez trade.
  • Mark Reynolds to the Orioles now looks more like Kevin Towers REALLY not liking his bullpen than anything else. He got two relievers from the Orioles and also signed J.J. Putz (who hasn’t been healthy lately) to a two-year deal. Who knows if any of them will be any good, but they’re three new arms, right? And, Melvin Mora will take Reynolds’ spot at 3B.
  • Bryce Harper will get to play in MLB Spring Training games. Not surprising, considering he already has a spot on the 40-man roster. More interesting to me, the article says he’ll play in Class-A to open next year.
  • Here’s a look back at last year’s Rule 5 Draft. Pretty underwhelming, but you could say that about the majority of these drafts.
  • Don’t forget how good we have it at Parkview Field (and the Midwest League as a whole).
  • Who does this guy think he is? He’s Keith Hernandez, in documentary form. And, more importantly, t-shirt form.
  • My buddy’s band is opening for Robert Randolph. That’s big-time.

Musical guest… DJ Darude!

Note: True TinCaps fans may instinctively fold into the fetal position, considering this is the song that plays every. single. time. a certain “seasoned” MWL team scores a run.

Take care!


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