How dare he!

First of all, come out to Franke Park tonight (Friday, 6-10 p.m.) for the Fantasy of Lights. Johnny will be there along with a cavalcade of other TinCaps celebrities. Drive through the park, check out the light displays, good times for all. It’s $5 per car and proceeds go to AWS which helps folks with disabilities.

Now. If “The Decision” was like the captain of the football team breaking up with the nice girl by announcing it from the stage at prom, last night was the same guy going to the homecoming dance the following school year with another, sleazier girl and giving the nice girl a wedgie in front of everyone at the pep rally. In other words, just another chapter in Cleveland sports history.

You know what, though? I hope that nice girl realizes that, while he’s a great athlete, this guy was kind of a butthead the whole time. He’s just not HER butthead anymore. He’s the kind of guy who gets dunked on by high-school kids and confiscates all video proof. He wears shirts like this. He says things like, “take my talents to South Beach” and “continue the greatness for myself in Miami.”

Best sign of the night: “We’re not terribly fond of LeBron.” Beautiful. Plus, the posterboard had ads for Quaker Steak & Lube, which is the best wing restaurant in the universe and (I just heard today) is opening a location in Fort Wayne soon. That news made my week. And in no way is that depressing.

But seriously, let’s move on and drop the Zydrunas Ilgauskas talk. And the “Victim” t-shirts. Start wearing those and you’re no better than Cubs fans.

Cubs fans who, today, I feel for. Ron Santo passed away on Thursday. The first time I ever heard a Cubs radio broadcast, I was in Daytona with a couple of Chicago natives. Santo came across like a total whack job, not so much a broadcaster as a cheerleader with a microphone. Three years later, I listen to every afternoon Cubs game I can. I still think Santo was a little “out there,” but it was completely genuine and he had the best intentions. He loved the game, he loved the team and the fans. And when he and Pat Hughes got going back and forth (Ron’s toupee catching on fire at Shea Stadium, Pat’s ugly sweaters, etc.), it was gold. Bummer.

Random thoughts:

  • In addition to Tony Gwynn, Jr., and Scott Hairston, the Padres also didn’t offer contracts to INF Matt Antonelli and RHP Luis Perdomo.
  • If you haven’t seen this Matt Antonelli-Wade LeBlanc show of athletic prowess, you haven’t really lived.
  • The full list of players who weren’t offered contracts by their teams is out. Russell Martin is an interesting one. So is Andrew Miller, mostly because the Red Sox just traded for him (although they could be trying to get him off the 40-man roster and onto a minor-league deal). Same for Chien-Ming Wang and the Nationals, or maybe it’s a testament to the health of his shoulder. This sets things up nicely for the Winter Meetings next week.
  • I think it’s funny that not being offered a contract is known as being “non-tendered.” Because, as we all know, nothing heals a broken heart like time, love and tenderness.
  • Adam Dunn to the White Sox? There goes all that talk about him not wanting to be a DH. I guess if he wants to hit 40 bombs every year, it’s a good environment for it.
  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman is going to dress like an elf and rappel off the side of a building for charity on Sunday. This is not a joke.
  • Oakland’s Top 10 prospects according to Baseball America have been posted. Their Class-A affiliate is in Burlington now and the Royals are in Kane County. A straight-up trade.
  • Dave Hutte status update: Dave Hutte is doing some Christmas shopping today.
  • Did you know the Miami Dolphins are also known as the “Smile Sharks“? Did Buddy the Elf pick that one? Smiling IS his favorite, you know.
  • Have you ever heard of Dolfan Denny? Me neither.
  • Go Browns. Preferably without Jake Delhomme.

And now, musical guest… Go West!

Have a great weekend!


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